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This summer is starting out like many others in my past – the intention of eating better and losing a couple lbs. I feel like this is something that we all go through at least once or twice (or many, many) times throughout our lives. We take the time to REALLY focus on getting healthier…and sometimes we succeed, and sometimes we have less of a success rate…

This summer, or at least the next 10 weeks, we are having a Sweatin’ Through The Summer challenge at work : ) Now, I am not only aiming for my personal health goals through the summer, I now have a team that is counting on me to do my part – talk about motivation!

[workout] 4 hot and sweaty miles

Now that I am in my 50M training plan, I have started using a new fuel source – Tailwind! I supplemented my long run last weekend with Tailwind and I had a great run! I have been pre-mixing 200cal (1 packet or 2 scoops) in a bottle the night before. Keep it in the fridge, pour in my bottle in the morning and go!

[breakfast] coffee + Vital Proteins

I have jumped on the Vital Proteins bus…yep! I am always low on my protein intake and adding Vital protein to my morning coffee is totally helping me get closer to my intake needs. Also, I sometimes just add it to my hot Nuun drink. It is mostly unflavored and I don’t notice it – perfect!


[morning snack] apple + almond butter + hemp hearts + chia seeds

The best. The usual.


[lunch] 2 whole eggs + 2 egg whites + carrots & hummus + Wasa crackers & hummus & cucumber

I am trying to eat as simple as I can this week…within reason (as you can see below). I hard boiled 2 dozen eggs this morning and packed a few in my lunch bag. Then I just threw in some vegetables and hummus and I am set! I keep Wasa crackers and a shaker of salt n’ spice  at my desk at work for when I need something to snack on…



[afternoon snack] Cranberry Crunch Wella Bar + Tazo Wild Sweet Orange tea

The last time I was in KC, I noticed these bars in the refrigerated area at Costco. I really enjoy Perfect Bars, but they are a bit pricey for me to enjoy often. The Cranberry Crunch bar and Peanut Butter bars are very comparable to Perfect Bars! Win! It’s too bad that the Almond Butter Wella Bars are NOT as good as Perfect Bars… I wish they were… Either way, I plan on getting more of these soon : )


I had a sweet tooth brewing today…so I brewed a big glass of Wild Sweet Orange – perfect!


[dinner] leftover taco meal : romaine + ground seasoned venison + salsa + tomatoes + peppers + sour cream

I made up some ground venison the other night and have been eating it at dinner the past couple nights. I enjoy making taco salads because I can use tomatoes and salsa instead of dressing… Granted, I did put a little sour cream on top, but other than that, it was a fresh dinner!


Just another day in the life! Check out the other WIAW posts with Jenn and her gang of foodies – Arman and Laura. I enjoy checking out the other link ups for meal inspiration!


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2 thoughts on “summer plans | WIAW

  1. I love using salsa as dressing for salads! And just got some Vital Proteins, I’m excited to try it out in my smoothies or morning coffee.


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