July Runfessions

Well, it is about that time again – Runfessions!! How is it already the end of July?! This summer is almost over – and I am ready for some cooler temps as a reward from making it through the summer heat!!

Like every month ends – let’s link up with Marcia and check out the other Runfessions for this month!!


I runfess…

I am not a fan of humidity…like anyone is?! But I don’t mind the heat as much…

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I was told after my 50K last weekend that the heat index got up to 117 degrees while we were on course! That seems super crazy to me! How in the world did I survive 117 degree heat?! 

I think it was all of the ice bandannas…

I runfess…

I am soooo looking forward to my 50M in September!!

But I am already dreading the post-race depression……

Even after last weekends 50K, I felt a little down and had that “what now” feeling even through I knew it was a training run for something bigger. I think that since my anxiety built up so much due to the weather, I had a few downer days because it was over…


I runfess…

After the 50M, I do have a full and a half marathon to occupy my thoughts and legs : )

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..but I runfess…

But I REALLY enjoy the 50K distance! The long miles, the trails (most of the time), the aid stations, and the people!

There is something special about ultra runners that “road runners” can’t compare… 

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I runfess…

While I love the 50K distance for it’s challenges and all-day running, I am not sure how many I will be able to do in the future…

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We are going to be completely strapped for cash in the coming months (dare I say year+) due to my emergency room bill that came in this month… While going to Urgent Care and then being sent to the ER in April was a necessary evil at the time, I just wish that I would have waited. The Urgent Care and ER didn’t give me any answers and just sent me along…no resolution. After talking to the doctor at the clinic at work, a simple blood test determined that my thyroid had stopped working!

Thousands of dollars going to people that did nothing for piece of mind or my prognosis versus a free clinic visit giving me my life back… 

I runfess…or not!!


I will keep running! Even if I am running barefoot… (that’s a thing, right???)

While I won’t be able to race much, I will still be able to put in the miles and possibly help out others by pacing next spring! I hope that I will be able to go back to the Garmin Marathon and pace this year…

This was the race that I didn’t get to run last year due to my health scare…and I want to get it done this year! 

I runfess…

I know I can be one of these…


I runfess…

Now that the hubs has started running, I worry that his competitive nature is going to push him to run more than he should be… A single mile is nothing to scoff at! But running “only a mile” doesn’t seem like a “real workout”…or something like that. 

Thinking back to the days when you started running, what are valuable tips that kept you moving and motivated?

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The hubs is not to the point that he is enjoying running…he is just doing it for the sake of getting in better shape. He hasn’t found the joy or fun of running,…which I don’t think I REALLY found for quite a while either. It is hard to think back 5 years to when I started that 0-5K-10K app and started walking/running/panting cycle.

So I need some ammo to help him motivated…leave me a comment and I can start my list : )

I runfess…

Gotta run…bye!

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What are your Runfessions for this month?

Is the heat and humidity kicking your tail?

As a new runner, what are tips that kept you moving and motivated?

Check out the other links with Marcia and see who is spilling their Runfessions for this month…


I’d love to hear from you! Leave a comment and start a conversation!

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10 thoughts on “July Runfessions

  1. I runfess that I need to continue eating better and working out so that I can be in overall health for my family. Having no energy to do anything and always being in an irritable mood does nobody any favors and I pledge to make that a more important part of my life.

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  2. I think the 2 biggest pieces of advice I’d give to most new runners is — SLOW the heck down (and then you’ll enjoy it more) and that it’s okay to walk.

    I would definitely run if I couldn’t race, but I do think ultra runners are a certain kind of crazy!


    1. Thank you for the advice, Judy! I’m livinglovingrunner’s hubby and it’s good to hear slowing down is a good thing. I’ve definitely been told that a couple times now. Losing weight is my main objective, but with that will come speed. Stronger body + lighter body = faster body!

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      1. Hi Matt! The idea behind slowing down is that running won’t feel so hard. AND reduces risk of injury. Even when it does feel good, sometimes your muscles, tendons, and ligaments aren’t ready for it yet — it takes time to get them conditioned to running.

        Consistency is the real key. Speed comes with consistency.


  3. My advice is stick to the plan. More is not better. Neither is faster. Paces are there for a reason. Your body will thank you later. How great he’s running!


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