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hawk fifty mile training | w12


The heat. The rain. The humidity. OH MY!! This week has been good for miles, but not good for my sanity.

Usually when it rains, that will break the humidity and it will cool off…not this time! It was as if we were in a sauna and someone put water on the hot coals…it just made for a muggy, humid week… It did cool off over the weekend – but with 90+ percent humidity, that doesn’t make for easy running…

Weekly Workouts

Monday- OFF

Yeah, today SHOULD have been an OFF day…and I SHOULD have ran yesterday…but life happens and I didn’t get any miles on Sunday.

So, since it is a beautiful day, I went out over my lunch and hit the trails!

When the hubs got home from work, I mentioned that we would go for a walk with him! I wasn’t planning on going more than a mile, but the loop he choose was 1.5. The whole family was out this time!

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A family walk this evening ❤

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Tuesday- I started the day with 4 miles. The air was thick and I wasn’t feeling like I wanted to run…funny how humidity can totally derail your thoughts! I was looking for every out I could take. I can run over lunch, but it will be hot. I can run after work, but it will be hot and I would have to push 60 pounds… FINE. I will just get it done now…

Well,…ends up, I could have waited! Tuesday night is the night that the local running company group goes for a run. Since they were having a Brooks event and the hubs could use a little encouragement to run, I thought this would be fun! He was super nervous…but it wasn’t any big thing!

There were roughly 40 runners hitting the trail – some recently Brooks Endorsed, some wearing the new Brooks Glycerin 15 (me included), and  everyone in the hot heat! A short out and back was enough for all of us – including little man!

Wednesday- Some weather rolled in through the night and I went to the gym for my morning miles. Since I didn’t get to the gym on time, I swapped my 10 scheduled miles for tomorrow’s 6 miles. 

Thursday- Ekkk…the humidity is so gross! There was not a dry spot on me when I finished those 10 morning miles! I was able to get in 4 or so with a friend, so that was a big plus!!

I received my new Under Armour Horizon RTT shoes in the mail the other day – so I was itching to get them out on the trail! Since I typically only run trails 1) over my lunch break or 2) on the weekend, I decided to drive over to the trail for a walk around my usual route. 

The walking turned into running off and on, but mostly walking and collecting spider webs with my stick… I am liking how the UA Horizon feel, but I am not sure why the laces kept loosening up and my heel would slip some. I will be trying them again on the trail on Sunday for sure… : )

Friday- OFF

Yeah, I PLANNED on taking today off…but an early release at work and a beautiful afternoon FORCED me to want to get out. I decided that I wanted to walk the stroller to daycare to pick up little man…I ended up running most of the way out and then walking most of it on the way back… Oh well, at least we had a little fun in the sun!

Saturday- I started the weekend with 1.5 warm up miles, 5 faster paced group run miles, and 1.5 cool down miles. There is something about when the weather is nicer and in good company that the pace and HR just go out the window and you can just enjoy the run! I was sure glad to see that my legs can handle 10 minute miles again : )

Sunday- Sunday is made for the trails – at least in my world. Since the hubs has lots of hours to work in the week (and also on Saturday), Sunday is the only I feel comfortable getting in my long run miles on the trails. I was in good company since my pal Tara wants to run the ultra distance! We chatted about running, food, and family – good conversation with beautiful views!

Weekly Miles : 47 running miles + 8 walking miles

1404 / 2,016 miles in 2016 

Medal earned

Next Week’s Projected Workouts

Since I went thorough my 50K training run a couple weeks early, this coming week is going to swap with that week before! Moving around a few workouts…no biggie!

Monday- 4 miles OFF
Tuesday- 12 miles 4 miles
Wednesday- 8 miles 12 miles
Thursday- OFF (cross training or yoga) 8 miles
Friday- OFF (cross training or yoga)
SaturdayOFF (cross training or yoga) 24 miles
          (most likely swap Sat/Sun due to time)
Sunday- 50K training run 10 miles

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How did your training week go?

What are you training for?

I’d love to hear from you! Leave a comment and start a conversation!

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5 thoughts on “hawk fifty mile training | w12

  1. Humidity always tends to make a run be miserable. We haven’t had too many humid days in Chicago this summer which I am happy but summer isn’t over.

    I also received my pair of UA shoes. I ran in them on Sunday but being that I’d just gotten back from vacation, my run did no go well. I will have to run in them again sometimes soon.


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