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hawk fifty mile training | w13

This week has been a good one! The weather is getting nicer, my runs haven’t felt bad, and did I mention the weather has been GREAT?! I love fall weather…and since it isn’t the fall quite yet, I am still waiting on the real cool down. Losing a couple degrees here and there is on the right track…

Another week down in my training for the Hawk 50 in September – a mere 5 weeks away!! I am not nervous – but I am getting excited to get to run all day and into the evening : ) Weird, huh? Running is mostly a solo gig for me…so the 50M distance is 1) a new challenge, 2) a super supported long, long run, and 3) a lot of time to think. #Team2Loops

Weekly Workouts

Monday- OFF

It’s about time I listen to my training plan…ha! I had planned on going for an evening walk with little man to end the month…but a lovely episode of defiance kept us at home for the evening. Oh, the life with a strong willed 3-year old.

Tuesday- 4 morning miles with Angie

I was SOOOOO glad to feel the cool air hit me when I walked outside this morning! The cool has been such a tease lately…the temps might be cooler, but the humidity just makes the air thick and gross.

Not today! Even though the humidity was nearly 100%, the air was crisp (for the first and last mile) for 1/2 the run – the middle 2 miles were thick in fog, breathing in dense fog was something I haven’t felt in a while…

Wednesday- 12 miles

Early, long, mid-week runs are hard to get done…but the weather was on my side this morning! I checked my route idea the night before and I was sure that my 3 out-and-back sections would equal out to the miles that I needed – success!

Thursday- 8 miles 4 miles 

Well, I didn’t get up for my run this morning due to some crazy storms that came through the area around 4 am – my alarm went off, I sat up, some crazy lightening/thunder went off outside my window, and I laid back down… Yeah, I could have gone to the gym, but I was just tired and I decided to run over my lunch break.

While there was no way I would be able to run 8 miles over my lunch hour, no do not have magical speed in my legs, but I knew I could get 4-5 miles. Due to forgetting my hand-held at home, I didn’t push too hard and ended up with a little over 4 miles : ) 

This just means that I get to take advantage of the AMAZING 55 degree start tomorrow morning for an additional 4 miles. If you haven’t been able to tell, I have major FOMO when it comes to AMAZING weather… I just wish that the 55 degree start was on my long run day!

Friday- OFF 5 miles

While I only planned on running 4 miles this morning, a run with a friend had us running 5. I was quite alright with that since it was in the 50s this morning! Jumping for joy for sure!!

Hopefully the forecast for tomorrow clears up a little…

Saturday- 10 no run

Between the crazy storms to start the day and spending the WHOLE day volunteering at a local consignment sale, I didn’t get in a run. Yeah, I could have spent less time at the sale and ran a few miles at least, but I wasn’t too worried about it… I wasn’t about to stress out about it that much. BUT, I did walk nearly 10 miles throughout the sale! …does that count as time on feet?! ha!

Sunday- 24 evening miles

Life. Another day that life happens…and my run almost didn’t!

I think it I wouldn’t have been able to get out of the house when I did, I would have totally not gone… Sad, but true. One thing that helped me out the door was the hubs coming home…and another was my running buddy texting me to see if I was okay. My lack of running updates over the weekend had her worried that something had happened to me… Knowing that someone sees or reads my running updates on FB, MapMyRun, or whatever app we all use these days, helped kick me into the streets!

While I wanted to run lots of trails, the recent rains and early dark time kept me from wanting to run the length of the linear trail. I did run a few of the loops at Washington Marlatt Park, the Hudson trail, the side of the road (construction) on Kimball/Anderson, and the Frank Anneberg trail. Before heading to the linear trail, I decided the head back to my first gas station stop for water again…and then calculated a few out-and-backs along my path back home…rather than going ALL THE WAY around town to get home… Less trails, but still a good run!

Weekly Miles : 49 training miles + 3.3 walking miles

1457 / 2,016 miles in 2016

Next Week’s Projected Workouts

It looks like I get to have the same schedule of runs next week! Here’s to hoping that the weather continues to be great and I don’t have to split up too many runs : )

Monday- OFF (cross training or yoga)
Tuesday- 4 miles
Wednesday- 12 miles
Thursday- 8 miles
Friday- OFF (cross training or yoga)
Saturday24 miles
Sunday- 10 miles

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How did your training week go? What are you training for?

I’d love to hear from you! Leave a comment and start a conversation!

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13 thoughts on “hawk fifty mile training | w13

  1. 24 miles. As a training run. My mind just doesn’t wrap around that! I’d say you’re doing a great job.

    Our weather is cooler this week, and it’s been lovely, but still not in the 50s (I think we did see 59 one day).Still, I’m not ready to let summer go yet!


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