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Wow,… Thursday…we meet again!…There is a little to talk about with Amanda and her Thinking Out Loud Thursday’s 🙂


But first…

Let’s go for a run 🙂

itchy situation…

Have you ever gotten poison ivy? Have you ever got it in an odd place? How about your face?

Yep, somehow, I got poison ivy on my face… I am not sure how or when. There are only a handful of times that I was out on the trails in the past week or so… The only thing that I can think of is if SPIDERS can transport the oils from the plant onto their webs – because I have found many webs with my face in the past weeks…

Related image

The bigger part of the suck is that I also have the ITCH in my hair… I usually wear a hat on the trails, so I am not sure how it got all in there… Sheesh!

embrace the suck

Sometimes, I forget that it is still summertime. I often run in the morning to 1) get my run done early, 2) don’t have to worry about sunscreen, and 3) beat the heat. 

Well, the temps have been slowly coming down week to week – so I thought I would go for an easy lunch run! Lunch run, yes. Easy run, heck no. It. Was. Brutal. 

Image result for summer running

I need to remember that summer is NOT over and morning/evening runs are the best…

…but what about heat training?

Yeah. I still need to keep up with the heat. My upcoming 50m will be through the heat of the day – the almanac says the averages are in the 80s for the high, and 60s for the low. Last year, the course was moved to the road due to the rained out trails (I pray this doesn’t happen this year!)

Image result for summer running meme

50m preview run

I am super excited that there is a preview run for my 50m this weekend! As long as the weather holds out, the Lawrence Trail Hawks will be having a preview run of the full Hawk loop this weekend. I talked with the hubs the other night and got the okay to head out this weekend 🙂


Image result for summer running meme


For my runners, do you ever have some seemingly monumental thoughts when you are out on a run and then when you get home *POOF* they are gone…??

Related image

I feel like this happens all the time!

trail running

I am so excited to run out at Clinton Lake on Saturday!

Image result for thoughts on a run meme



Ha! Already!

I was talking to a friend about Christmas today… While I grew up with random toys, we didn’t ever have an excessive amount of toys.

This year, I am thinking about limiting gifts to a couple things – something to wear, something to read, something they want, and something they need. I think this is a great idea to at least limit the amount of THINGS we get…and I would also love to focus on little man receiving “experiences” from family rather than tons of gifts.

For experiences, I was thinking a year pass to the zoo, the pool or the local Discovery Center, gift cards for creative events (something like pottery painting or a kids canvas painting class), a Royals Fan Club membership, or a weekend trip to spend with the grandparents – the possibilities are really endless (I am just having a hard time thinking about more)…

Image result for christmas in august meme

Gotta run!


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