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KCM mini w3 | Weekly Workouts

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Well, another week is gone! Fall is coming…maybe…just when I think that the chill is sticking around, I am fooled again! The hubs and I headed out to CO for a beercation on Thursday, so I was lucky that I was able to get ANY miles in while we were away!

Weekly Workouts

Monday- A nice, cool morning run with Ang to start the week 🙂 

Morning Run : 5.5 easy miles

Tuesday- I was QUITE the procrastinator this morning…with some snoozed alarms, little man’s vivid dream was what actually got me out of bed. I then proceeded to put the dishes away, change over the laundry, feed all the animals, text a running friend (since I knew she was up), and FINALLY get my act together and go run… And…boy, it was not easy! 8 minute intervals with 90 seconds rest…on top of that, I didn’t make it easy on myself by running hills (hello KC hills training!). Oh well…

A late start meant that I needed to hustle when I got back to shower, change, pack a lunch, and get little man to daycare – all while getting to work on time too! Well, little man had a rough night of sleeping…so he wasn’t a happy camper to start the day – nothing like leaving your crying/screaming child at daycare so you aren’t late to work (sorry!).

After work was the first of 4 running tour stops – Little Apple Brewery. We met up with the group and went out for 2-3 miles. The stroller on gravel roads isn’t easy, so we came back and ran the paved roads instead…

Morning Run : 5+ miles of intervals
Evening Run : 2.55 “easy” stroller miles (gravel roads + stroller isn’t exactly easy, but not too bad)

Wednesday- OFF

Thursday- OFF – travel day!

Friday- Once we got settled in CO on Thursday, we went out to dinner and chilled out. I got to bed at a decent hour, so I went out for a morning run! I ran out to a close lake, around, and then the paved path back to the house. The fog persisted for a while…but we were still able to see the foothills : )

Run : 5+ miles

img_1684Saturday- OFF – recovery day from drinking lots on Friday…

Sunday- Since I didn’t partake in quite as many libations on Friday (or at least I stopped early in the day), I felt good enough to get out for some morning miles!

I went to the Bear Creek Lake Trail (paved…pretty views, but not as fun as true trail) and the lower creek trail (the BEST part of my run!!).

I was running behind so I cut out a couple areas on my route, but the RunGo App worked out great!

Run : 11+ miles

Weekly Miles : 30 miles

1837 / 2,016 miles in 2016

Next Week’s Projected Workouts

Keeping up with training is going well…but life happens! Next week, I am trying for at least an interval run, some easy running, and a “long” run.

There is still time to run the KCM!

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I’ll see you on course! I’ll be sporting the BibRave ORANGE! 

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How did your training week go? What are you training for?

I’d love to hear from you! Leave a comment and start a conversation!

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    1. We went to the Great American Beer Festival in Colorado 🙂 I believe there was a Hot Chocolate race in Denver the same weekend last year (2016) but I wasn’t allowed to look for a race while we were there. The beer weekend is for the hubs… 🙂


  1. Your runs in CO looks so pretty! I love visiting there but running is quite the chore for me at elevation. It seems like I’ve been to Morrison. But then again, I could be confused. LOL It sounds like you enjoyed your beercation! Thanks for linking!

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