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September Running

Another month bites the dust…and it was a busy one! I finished a HUGE training cycle and ran my first 50-miler! Now what?

Now I am training for the Kansas City Marathon – yep, another road race! Check out why I think you should run the KCM and what I am looking forward to this year – and maybe I’ll see you on course! Use the code “BIBRAVE17” at checkout for 15% off your KCM distance of choice!

Well, this post is less about the future and more about the past…this past month in fact! I am giving the last month a letter grade! You can look back on the last 10 months of this post here : )

This grade is going to be based on (1) my current training plan, and my goals for 2017 – (2) my progress for 2017 miles in 2017 goal, (3) training for and completing my first 50 miler, (4) having fun while on the run and (5) keeping a run streak! 

(1) Current Training Plan – B

Since I am weeks our from my first 50-miler and a few weeks from my next road marathon, I have a loose plan of attack. So…in that way…my training is going as planned! There are a few days that I have loosened up on paces and workouts, but overall, I am running as usual!

Related imageIn the coming weeks, we are adding in an evening group run on Tuesdays. Starting yesterday, little man, myself, and sometimes the hubs (depending on days off) will be going on the Tour of Manhattan – a beer/wine tour that is. These weekly evening group runs will start/end at a local brewery/winery and run a short loop – which is then followed by some conversation and libations : )

(2) 2017 miles in 2017 – A

I am still making headway on my goal of 2017 miles this year! I have made it past last years total and I still have a couple months to go!

Medal earned

(3) Training for and completing my first 50m –  A

Did you see (read)?? I finished up my first 50-miler a few weeks ago and my review about it was posted last week : ) Check it out and maybe I’ll see you out there next year!


(4) Have Fun! –  A-Image result for fun running

For the most part, I always have fun on the run! Whether I am running with friends or putting in some long solo miles, I find a way to have fun!

The only “not as fun” runs are long intervals…bleh.

If you know how to make those fun, PLEASE let me know!

(5) Run streak! –  n/a


I should probably just remove this…but oh well!

No streak here!

I might see about a workout/run streak coming up…but not a solely running streak. If I remember right, Runners World usually does a streak over the winter, so maybe I will try that…


How are your goals going for this year?
Did you set your sights high?
Are you thinking about a big race this year?

I’m linking up with the Wild Workout Wednesday and the Running Coaches Corner crews today! You can also check out the  Tuesdays On The Run link up from yesterday and see what everyone is talking about this week! 

I’d love to hear from you! Leave a comment and start a conversation!

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