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weekly workouts (or lack of) & weekend happenings


Weekly Workouts

Monday- With the marathon on Saturday, I am still in the super recovery phase…not running yet. Still sore. Just making it through the day and then putting my legs up : )

Tuesday- I did save my energy for the last Brew Tour group run! We started at the local Tallgrass Taphouse – got to try some Hoka One One shoes, went for a short 2.6 mile run with some ladies, talked about the marathon (since at least one other has run the same race), and relaxed with some food and good company!

Wednesday- Even though I ran last night, I didn’t plan on running quite yet. Those hard road miles wrecked me worse than the 50-miler in September… I am better friends with the trail now…

Thursday- I decided to get out and run with my pal this morning. I think she is itching to run but doesn’t want to go out solo… Good run!

Friday- Bring on the COLD!! Winter is coming too fast…and while starting in the 30s isn’t TOO bad, it is not TOO GOOD at this time either! The real chill is coming this weekend…

Saturday- With winter showing up randomly, I decided to wait on my “longer” run for the week. If it didn’t happen today, it would happen tomorrow…either way. So, I decided to get up a little early (my body wouldn’t let me sleep any longer) and I did some kid things (like coloring) rather than adult things (like doing the sink-full of dishes….)…

Sunday- I didn’t feel like running in the COLD just yet…so I waited. Plus, the hubs said that he would probably run later, so I was just going to wait. Well, the day went on and I decided to text Angie to see if she wanted to run later.

We met up around 3 pm for a few miles. With her 1/2 marathon this coming weekend, I didn’t want to push her to run too much… but her training plan still had 10 miles for her, sheesh! We ended up running out a little more than 3 miles and then back. Not too shabby! And I think her legs will thank me for the lower miles this coming weekend!

Weekly Miles : 14 miles

1912 / 2,016 miles in 2016

Medal earned

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Next Week’s Projected Workouts

Another week of “tapering”…or something like that!

I have my last pacing event of the year this coming weekend. Heading to KC Saturday evening, Lawrence Sunday morning for the Kansas Half Marathon – still time to register!! Come run with me!! (or run with my hubs – his first 5K!!)

I am not sure what “training” there is to come in the following week/weeks…probably some trail miles since I have a 10-miler in a month! 

Weekend Happenings

While not a super busy weekend, we kept moving! Since my workouts for last week were a little less than usual (hello recovery and taper), I decided to add in some of what we did last week/weekend!

We had a couple fun events this past week. After work on Thursday, little man and I headed over to the Health Department for their flu shot clinic. I had already gotten my shot at work, but I waited for little man to get his at this event. 

The kids that received their shot got a pumpkin and there was a lot of fun little things at the event. There was face painting, a bag toss game, popcorn, treats, and the hyped up FLU SHOT. The shot was quick and “painless”…he mostly just laughed (and looked like he might cry)…but then he got a sticker and life was good!

On Friday, I got off work a little early and brought the little man back to work for a little while. He loves going to work with me, even though he just sits around watching a movie on my phone… But today, there was a trick-or-treat party thing going on for the kiddos – so he brought his bucket and walked around collecting candy, pumpkins, and played some games. Once the fun-time was over, he watched a movie while I worked a little extra…


Winter is here…and hopefully not to stay! I chickened out on my morning run and opted for an afternoon run or tomorrow sometime…

So instead, I was a kid for a couple hours before the rest of the house woke up : ) I was able to catch up on a couple podcast episodes and postpone adutling….

Around 8 am (a little sleep in time for little man), the house started moving…little man was up and ready to start the day and the hubs was getting ready for work.

We had a little breakfast and then headed back to work!

Since we were heading to the zoo for their Halloween Spook thing this afternoon, we also brought the candy bucket with snacks to tie us over. Movie popcorn, check! Health Warrior bars, check!

While I would rather find more engaging things to do on the weekend, but when momma needs to catch up on some work, a movie on the floor will do for a little while.

Once I got “the text” from Andrea that they were heading to the zoo, we packed up and headed out as well! There is so much to see and do at the Halloween Spook thing at our little local zoo, the kids always have a good time.

What I love the most is that little man would go up to every candy stop and recite “Trick or Treat! Happy Halloween” and throw in an “I’m a Minion” every once in a while. I think the daycare is prepping them for Halloween…because I didn’t prompt him to say those things : )

Once we were done at the zoo, we stopped by the craft store for some black fabric…after all, little man recently decided that he wanted to be a bat for Halloween. Bat wings coming right up!!

We spent the late afternoon relaxing and cuddling on the couch (since neither of us had a nap today) and the evening chilling out as well… 

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Rather than running, I again opted for sleeping… Little man came in between 7 and 8 and hoped right in bed with us : ) I think this is his favorite part of the weekend!

The hubs started talking to little man about going out for breakfast – so we headed to Early Edition for a monster of a breakfast (at least for me!). 

Little man had the kids plate with like 1 of everything, I had the breakfast burrito, and the hubs had “loaded biscuits and gravy”…called the Big Al. I ate way too much…but probably needed it : )

We headed over to Academy Sports and wandered around for a little bit, and then headed home. Little man always insists that he holds both of our hands when we are all out together – warms my heart : )

Afternoon :
– Little man eventually napped
– The hubs went out to watch some football
– I made some bat wings…

After nap time, I heard back from my running buddy that she was thinking about heading out soon. I wanted to join her, but I was then going to need to push little man with me… Not the easiest task…but since it was warm out now (not the 35 degrees we started the day with) I wasn’t too worried. I changed into some shorts, loaded up the stroller with little man and some snacks, and we headed out!

I had planned on going to a local trunk-or-treat in the evening (thinking it started at 5:30), so I wasn’t too worried about time… But then anther friend started texting me about the event and I figured out that it started at 5.


Since it is Halloween after all, I just slapped on my most recent race bling and bib and we headed over to the elementary school once we got home from our run! I was a runner (with stink, sweat, and all), and little man tested out his bat wings! I am thinking about making him a mask to go with it…we will see if that happens by Tuesday. 

After the event, all of the kids gravitated to the play equipment. There was lots of shrieking, running, and falling. Everyone had some fun (and wear themselves out!!)!

The sunset on the way home was awesome!

Little man kept saying, “I am going to look in the mirror” and I walked in several times with him like this… (see below). I think he likes his bat wings : )

Good day…Good night!!

How was your week of workouts?

How was your weekend? 

Did you go on any exciting adventures? 

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14 thoughts on “weekly workouts (or lack of) & weekend happenings

  1. I hope you are feeling recovered from your marathon now! I think coloring is much more fun that doing the dishes! The Halloween Spook is a great idea. Our zoo has Zoo Boo and we used to always take the kids when they were little. I miss all those fun activities this time of year. Thanks for linking.

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  2. I would choose colouring over dishes any day!!! 🙂 Loved all your weekend adventures. That’s what I love about being a mum – before I had kids a whole weekend could pass by with so little action (and then hubby and I would still complain there was no time), but now with my 3 and 5 year old, we are always up to something. And I love it!

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