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BibRave Pro | Friday Five

As a current BibRave Pro (ambassador), this blog post is not a part of my BibRave requirements. I just want to share my thoughts on the BibRave Pro Ambassador Program in an effort to grow the amazing BibRave Pro community! Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador), and check out to review find and write race reviews!


This last year has been a whirlwind. I can’t believe that we are in the final months of 2017! One big change this last year brought was being chosen as a member of the BibRave Pro Ambassador Program.

What is a BibRave Pro?

A BibRave Pro is a socially savvy run-blogger who leads the conversation in their running community and online. BibRave Pros love everything about BibRave, running & racing, and sharing their run-spiration with the rest of the world!

I don’t believe I understood the impact that being a part of a growing community of active individuals would  be when I first applied to be a Pro, but here are a few things I have enjoyed and look forward to next year! 


BibRave Pro | Friday Five

1 ♦ the community

The number one amazing part of being a BibRave Pro is the community and new friends I have made! Through social media and IRL (in real life), we are constantly giving each other encouragement, arranging meet-ups at races and other social outings, and I personally draw daily motivation from my fellow Pros posting their run-spiration online! Need a push out the door? I spend 5-10 minutes on Instagram and that is just the encouragement I need to head out!

2 ♦ the bling

BibRave is a great race reviewing platform. It is also an outstanding resource if you are looking for races to run! Everyone on the site (Pro level or not) gives honest reviews of races all over the world!

Haven’t checked the site yet? Go now! See what others are saying about your favorite races – and write a review of your last race!

Can’t find your last race? Go ahead and add it to the database – then more runner’s are likely to write their reviews as well!

Speaking of races, another big perk of being a BibRave Pro is the free entries to run in BibRave partner races. I have run 2 partner races through this past year, both in the KC area – Hospital Hill Half Marathon and Kansas City Marathon. If there were more races close to home, I would have ventured to run more for sure!

A few other notable BibRave race partnerships this past year include (but are certainly not limited to): the Grandma’s Marathon, the Detroit Marathon, the Rock ‘n’ Roll Race Series, the Hot Chocolate Race Series, the Runner’s World weekend, and many more!

❤️ to run&review awesome races&brands?
Check out @livinglovingrun reasons to
spend 2018 as a #BibRavePro! #bibchat

3 ♦ the products

Another big part of the BibRave Pro experience is the vast array of product review opportunities throughout the year! As a BibRave Pro, you will have the opportunity to check out the hottest new running products on the market – then test, promote, and review them on your blog and social handles! 

I have had the privilege of working with a number of amazing brands including (but not limited to) : AfterShokz, Adidas, Knuckle Lights, Garmin Fitness, Luvo, and Buff ®. You can search the tag “BibRave Pro” on my blog to find all of the reviews!

4 ♦ the chat & impact

I lumped these in together because they really relate closely to one another. 

Every Tuesday, there is a #BibChat at 8pm CST on Twitter. Each week is sponsored by a company that the BibRave Pros have worked with. The chats are typically running related, but can stray off topic with the comments pretty quickly : ) A good chunk of the chatters are likely to be BibRave Pro’s engaging and interacting with everyone!

Through these weekly #BibChat opportunities, I have been able to engage more with more runners and fitness enthusiasts than any other social platform or engagement! I have participated in nearly every #BibChat since I found out about BibRave over a year ago and have made new friends/followers at every chat.

By engaging in all of the BibRave outlets, I have been able to grow my presence on social media, with my blog, and learn so much from others in the sport! Those gains can’t always be measured in analytics, but more in the ongoing relationships that have formed through the years. 

5 ♦ the requirements

Are you reading this and saying “This sounds awesome! How can I be a part of this amazing community?!” Do YOU have what it takes to be a BibRave Pro? 

Here are the requirements to join the program :

  • Enjoy running and racing!
  • Maintain a personal running-orientated blog
  • Have a strong social media presence across multiple platforms
  • Have a BibRave account at with at least 3 reviews
  • No more than 3 other ambassadorships

What are you waiting for? At the least, you should go review your favorite race at – spread the love of running!

Are you ready to rock 2018 like a #BibRavePro?
Applications are now open until 11/15! #BibChat

BRP Application Creative Text Only.png

Have you been a brand ambassador before?

Do you have any ambassadorships next year?

What are your expectations of being a part of an ambassador program?

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