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October Runfessions


Well, it is about that time again – Runfessions!! How is it already the end of October?!

This year is flying by…super fast – and it is starting to feel more like winter than fall…I LOVE fall!! 

Like every month ends – the last Friday, we chat with Marcia and check out everyone’s rufessions for the month!! 

I runfess…

Now that I am done with my 50 mile cycle and marathon mini cycle (race report to come), I am a little lost as to what to do. I have a pacing event next weekend…and a trail race in December. While I have a little more time to think about my training for the Dec. race, I feel a little lost.

I know I don’t want to start a short build up for the Dec. race quite yet because I don’t want to wear myself out for the pacing event next week…but I know that I need to stay busy…

Ahhhhh…what to do?!?

I guess I will go run and maybe it will work itself out…

..but I runfess…

I have totally started REALLY thinking about 2018 races and what my overall goals are going to be. 

Is it too early?

I’m not sure…but I like to have a plan of attack for the year and goals to aim for.

I would love to be able to plan out and start (and hopefully finish) my first 100 mile race.

While my 50-mile was an amazing experience, it felt a little unfinished…like I wanted or needed more. What more could I want than 50 miles on my legs? Not sure…but I feel like a longer distance would be a logical step in the right direction.

Related image

I runfess…or not!!

I need to work on my diet. THERE! I said it…

Big. Time.

Image result for food is fuel

With the thoughts of a 100-miler in 2018 swirling around in my head, tightening up my diet is a must! Food is Fuel.

 Real food is BETTER fuel!

I need to remind myself that what I put in directly affects what I get out of my training. If I am putting crap in, I will likely have a lack luster performance in my training and races.

Real Food is Fuel.

I runfess…

Winter came too fast…without much warning! 

I know the cold cold this week will be relatively short lived, but I don’t even have my fall/winter things down in my closet! The low 30s this morning and the mid-20s tomorrow morning are going to force me to break out my winter gear… 

And I really don’t want to yet!

I would love to enjoy some 50-60 a little while longer…I am not ready for 20-30s…

Image result for winter is coming

I runfess…

Gotta run…bye!

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What are your Runfessions for this month?

Do you like fall or winter better? Or do you even get a fall season??

Check out the other links with Marcia and see who is spilling their Runfessions for this month… Also, check out RachelLacey&Meranda Friday Five 2.0 linkup! 

I’d love to hear from you! Leave a comment and start a conversation!

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