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October Runfessions


Well, it is about that time again – Runfessions!! How is it already the end of October?!

This year is flying by…super fast – and it is starting to feel more like winter than fall…I LOVE fall!! 

Like every month ends – the last Friday, we chat with Marcia and check out everyone’s rufessions for the month!! 

I runfess…

Now that I am done with my 50 mile cycle and marathon mini cycle (race report to come), I am a little lost as to what to do. I have a pacing event next weekend…and a trail race in December. While I have a little more time to think about my training for the Dec. race, I feel a little lost.

I know I don’t want to start a short build up for the Dec. race quite yet because I don’t want to wear myself out for the pacing event next week…but I know that I need to stay busy…

Ahhhhh…what to do?!?

I guess I will go run and maybe it will work itself out…

..but I runfess…

I have totally started REALLY thinking about 2018 races and what my overall goals are going to be. 

Is it too early?

I’m not sure…but I like to have a plan of attack for the year and goals to aim for.

I would love to be able to plan out and start (and hopefully finish) my first 100 mile race.

While my 50-mile was an amazing experience, it felt a little unfinished…like I wanted or needed more. What more could I want than 50 miles on my legs? Not sure…but I feel like a longer distance would be a logical step in the right direction.

Related image

I runfess…or not!!

I need to work on my diet. THERE! I said it…

Big. Time.

Image result for food is fuel

With the thoughts of a 100-miler in 2018 swirling around in my head, tightening up my diet is a must! Food is Fuel.

 Real food is BETTER fuel!

I need to remind myself that what I put in directly affects what I get out of my training. If I am putting crap in, I will likely have a lack luster performance in my training and races.

Real Food is Fuel.

I runfess…

Winter came too fast…without much warning! 

I know the cold cold this week will be relatively short lived, but I don’t even have my fall/winter things down in my closet! The low 30s this morning and the mid-20s tomorrow morning are going to force me to break out my winter gear… 

And I really don’t want to yet!

I would love to enjoy some 50-60 a little while longer…I am not ready for 20-30s…

Image result for winter is coming

I runfess…

Gotta run…bye!

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What are your Runfessions for this month?

Do you like fall or winter better? Or do you even get a fall season??

Check out the other links with Marcia and see who is spilling their Runfessions for this month… Also, check out RachelLacey&Meranda Friday Five 2.0 linkup! 

I’d love to hear from you! Leave a comment and start a conversation!

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2 thoughts on “October Runfessions

  1. We seem to have skipped fall here as well. It was 80 last week. Snowing here today. The colors were lackluster at best and now it’s all frozen. All the best with your 2018 planning!

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