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running and racing with Athlinks | Friday Five

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So you have run all the races…now what?! Do you remember all of your times? How do you keep track of said finishing times? I remember approximately my PR times, but not quite down to the second. Or better yet, do you count how many races you have completed at any particular distance? How many half marathons have you run? 10Ks? 5Ks? Frankly, I have no idea…

Sound anything like your situation?

As an avid runner and race participant, I haven’t had a single source for keeping track of my race results – until now! With the new partnership between BibRave and Athlinks, I was able to unlock years of race finishes with just the click of the mouse!

Sounds too good to be true? Check out Athlinks! For now, read on to see how I was able to claim my previous finishes and search out new races to run in my area.


Each year, over 10 million people participate in athletic events – including running events, triathlon, cycling, swimming, and much more! The Athlinks platform is the largest database for race results in the world. The are THE destination to view and share your race results!

Let’s get started! Here are the top 5 ways to make the most of your Athlinks account!

running and racing with Athlinks | Friday Five

set up profile

Getting started couldn’t be easier with the age of technology! I simply just registered with my Facebook account and I was ready to go!

No Facebook account (who are you?!), no problem! You can simply use your e-mail and some basic information to get started.

claim your results and check your PRs

When I originally set up my account, I got a little excited and claimed ALL of my results… Yeah, sorry! But I did pace a hometown race a couple weeks ago…


On my home screen, I am quickly notified that I have a new race result to claim! 


Looking at the results, I believe this is mine! I ran the Chocolate Rush Half and paced the 2:55 pace group – so the race and finishing time is mine! Claim! If the result isn’t yours, you can always Hide the result from your list.


While I have just ONE race to claim today, I went through and claimed 44 results the first couple times I logged in! 44 results! I didn’t think that I had run that many races but through the last 5-10 years, those results really do add up!

add some friends

Another great feature of Athlinks is the “Following” option. Whether you want to find a new friend you met at a race or your local group of runners, following your friends can add another level of camaraderie!

Or rivalry…

Based on your races, Athlinks will populate “rivals” within your friend list. These rivals are people that also ran the same race as you. I don’t love the win/loss score with your friends – because you never know what they are running for… Are you or they trying for a PR? Are you or they coming back from injury? Are you or they pacing a group at a much lower pace than they usually would? That just isn’t something the system knows…and if you had a bad race, it adds a little more salt to the wound…

While the feature doesn’t motivate me to run faster to beat my friends at a race, that might be JUST what you need to push the limits : )

search out your next race

Speaking of races, you can search your area for new events! In Manhattan, there are several local 5Ks throughout the year – and the local running company is adding new, fun events each season. Athlinks is a good way to see all the local events in one place!

Once a race catches your eye, you can go to the races website and register 🙂

My Experience

Overall, I found the process of signing up for Athlinks and claiming (or hiding) my results super easy! Now that it is all set up, I just can go run and check in from time to time to see if results have been posted, new friend adds, new races in my area, and to check out the Athlinks blog.

Yeah, they have a blog too! From nutrition to race training, you can find some interesting posts on the Athlinks blog page!



Check out Athlinks on their social handles for fun promotions and to get the scoop on new products : Facebook    Twitter    Instagram

I’d love to hear from you! Leave a comment and start a conversation! Are you on Athlinks? We should be friends! Or rivals… 🙂

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