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spring race training update | upcoming races

Like every year, I feel like we always say “the year is flying by” and in some way, yes, it is! I am only a few days out from my first marathon pacing event – and my nerves are getting the best of me…

What better way to take my mind off the present than discuss the future! This week, ErikaMarcia, and Patty are discussing our Spring Race Training Update! Since I missed posting on Tuesday, I am also teaming up with the Wild Workout Wednesday gals (Annmarie and Nicole) and the Running Coaches Corner for Wednesday’s link-ups as well!

Let’s dive in (before I get busy again…)!


spring race training update

As I mentioned in my Ultimate Coffee Date post a couple weeks ago, I have a busy spring and summer of runs and races! First up – 

Garmin Marathon

Date : April 21st (this weekend, EK!!)
Location : Olathe, KS
Goal : successfully pace the 5:30 runners to the finish
Race Website

My current training cycle is centered around being in good shape to run an “easy marathon”… Yes, “easy” and “marathon” are not typically in the same sentence – ever – but as a pacer, I need to be able to run with ease while keeping my runners engaged.

From past pacing events, I am MUCH less physically exhausted at the finish, and MOSTLY mentally exhausted. Checking times and mile splits, talking to the other runners, supporting every runner I come in contact with, etc. can really take it out of you!


This training cycle hasn’t been flawless, but I have felt strong overall! I have incorporated some cross training throughout the cycle and will continue to cross train through to the big race this fall.

The weather report checking has begun…and all reports point towards rain… We’ll see what happens this Saturday!


…more coming up this spring!

Has spring REALLY started? It feels a bit like winter and summer lately…so spring is a little confused. Here’s what I have going on in the next couple of months!

Bill Snyder Highway Half

Date : May 19th
Location : Manhattan, KS
Goal : successfully pacing the 2:40 runners to the finish
Race Website

This is my hometown half marathon – it’s 4th year now! This was my first half marathon and I have paced it every year since… I’m excited to see what improvements are going to be made to the overall experience this year.

Hospital Hill 5K/Half Rerun

Date : June 2nd-3rd
Location : Kansas City, MO
Goal : have fun and finish with a smile!
Race Website – discount BIBHHR18 for 15% off your distance of choice!

Oh boy. This will be the 5th year I have run the Hospital Hill races! While to some this is pocket change, that is a lot of KC hills! For the half marathon, this will be my 3rd year. My first year I paced the 2:55 (or around that time) finishers and I ran as a BibRave Pro last year! 

This year I am again running in BibRave orange, ubt I get to tackle the Re-Run. This just means that I am a glutton for punishment…a 5K on Friday night and the half on Saturday morning! Not only do participants of the Re-Run get a medal at each race, they also get a medal for completing both ♥ #blingbling


When does “summer” start anyway?!

Seriously…when does spring turn to summer? Even though this is a spring race training update, my summer of running mixes well into the big goal of the year – my first 100 mile event at the Hawk 100! Events make for great supported long runs or a sandwiched long run of miles + race + more miles…either way!

Night Hawk 50K

Date : June 30th
Location : Lawrence, KS
Goal : finish the 50K and possibly make it into a 50M training run…
Race Website


This race will be the first time I will have run at night on the same trails as my first 100m. While I ran in the wee-morning hours at the 50-mile last fall, this race STARTS at 7pm and runs through the night.

While this is a 50K, I am thinking about possibly making this into a 50M training run weekend… I believe my training miles for the weekend equal to 45 miles – so 50 isn’t too much of a stretch… We’ll see!

Rock n Roll Chicago Half Marathon

Date : July 22nd
Location : Chicago, IL
Goal : enjoy the city, have fun and don’t die…hello HEAT in Chicago summer!
Race Website – discount RNRBRP for $15 off the half/full marathon distance at any RNR races

This is an exciting venture for me! I haven’t ever flown to run a race before…I drove to CO and MO for 6-8 hours in the past for races, but not fly! It has been years since I have been in Chicago, so seeing part of the city and waterfront trail on the half marathon course is going to be fun!


Rock Away Night & Day 50M

Date : August 11th
Location : Meriden, KS
Goal : not registered yet, but a possibility for a 50M training run…might be too late in my training cycle for a 50M, but we shall see!
Race Website (not updated for 2018 yet)

While this race isn’t yet on my calendar, the relatively low registration price and timing would work well for a supported 50M training run before the big dance the following month. I will be talking to one of my running buddies this weekend about my summer training and we’ll see what he thinks about this event…

Hawk 100

Date : September 8-9th
Location : Lawrence, KS
Goal : first 100M race!
Race Website

What can I say, this is my goal race for this year! I am excited to start my training plan (next week…ek!) and hit the trails more than ever!

More to come…


That’s all folks! Maybe…

While I am not PLANNING anything after the Hawk 100 in September, who knows how long it will take me to walk like a “normal human” again…but I still have some lingering ideas of how to keep moving this fall…

Little Apple Marathon/Half

Date : November 3rdLittle Apple Marathon
Location : Manhattan, KS
Goal : run, pace, or volunteer
Race Website

While this race is on my radar, I will not know how I will participate in the event until later this year. This will be the first full marathon in Manhattan and I can’t wait! I might be running, pacing a friend, or volunteering (or a combination of the 3)…only recovery time will tell!

Are you a spring or fall racer?

Do you “race” the events you sign up for?

Have you considered being a pacer?

I’d love to hear from you! Leave a comment and start a conversation!

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  1. Your racing calendar is full with a nice mix of events, I’m so envious of you going to RNR Chicago, that looks like a fun one! I prefer racing in the spring but since my focus was on the New Jersey Marathon, I don’t really have anything planned for the rest of the season!

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