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spring training | week 3

With a few days of great weather, I was able to make it outside for a few miles! I was also able to keep up with my workouts (for the most part) so my strength is still high! It is so great to still be able to be SO active this pregnancy…because I was sedentary with little man.

Let’s see how this past week went!

weekly workouts : week 3

Scheduled : T20 Burn + 35 minute run
Actual : T20 Burn

With the weather still on the fritz, I was able to get my workout accomplished over my lunch break – but no run. There will be a few NICE days this week to get out and get a few miles!

Scheduled : T20 Faster
Actual : 51 minute run (3 minute run, 45 second walk)

Image may contain: 1 person, smiling, outdoor

Hello 40 degree afternoon! I overslept in the morning, but was able to make up some time on the trail/road with 3.5 miles over lunch! Sooooooo great!!

Scheduled : T20 Strength + 25 minute run (intervals)
Actual : T20 Faster + 44 minute run (3 minute run, 45 second walk)

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Started the day with a make-up workout and the intention of going for a run over lunch and MAYBE also making the T20 Strength work out in the evening… Good thing, the weather was GREAT for a lunch run! My runs are more structured to intervals at this point…it is easier for me to regulate my heart rate and not push myself super hard. This might change down the road, but it is feeling good right now!

Scheduled : T20 Powerful
Actual : 48 minute run (3 minute run, 45 second walk)

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With the weather being nice for such a short amount of time, I have been using my energy this way. Yeah, my living room workouts have suffered, but it’s okay.

The process between running and cross/strength training is a balance…and running has been NEEDED lately!

Scheduled : T20 Cut
Actual : OFF

Scheduled : T20 Balanced + 60/25 minute run/walk
Actual : OFF

Scheduled : OFF
Actual : T20 Strength + T20 Powerful + T20 Cut + T20 Balanced

Well…I guess I had a day or few off from my workouts…and while I could have caught back up slowly, I decided to take FULL advantage of little man’s nap time and get ALL caught up!

I felt great throughout…until the last workout – it was a mess. Either way, a new week starts soon!

Weekly Workouts : 6 workouts
Weekly Miles : 10 miles
Total 2019 miles : 35.35 miles

Miles, miles, miles! Check out the weekly workout 
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https://ctt.ec/A68Uc+ #bibchat #runchat

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 How did your training week go?
What are you training for?
I’d love to hear from you! Leave a comment and start a conversation!

Goal Running Events for 2019 :

  • Garmin Half Marathon (4/13/19) – run for fun and see how everything is feeling
  • Bill Snyder Highway Half (5/25/19) – pace the 3:00 finishers
  • Hospital Hill (6/2/19) – not sure on the distance I would run/walk at this point…only time will tell!
  • Kansas City Marathon (10/20/19) – run with me, any distance really, and save with the discount code BIBRAVE2019KCM – good for 15% off!

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