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Disclaimer: I am promoting Hot Chocolate Nashville as part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador), and check out to review find and write race reviews!

While I am not actively traveling to Nashville to run the Hot Chocolate 15K or 5K this weekend, I have a revolving list of things that I ALWAYS prepare for when I am setting out for a weekend of running!

tips for traveling and running like a Pro | HC15K Nashville


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The very first thing I do is check the weather…and check it often!

A lot of the rest of my tips rest on the fact that I know what the weather is going to do…and while the weather CAN change in an instant, I like feeling prepared!

For this weekend’s Hot Chocolate 15K/5K in Nashville, it looks like it will be a bit on the chilly side (mid 30s-40s) with a 10% chance of some rain… Be sure to prepare for standing in the starting area with a “throw-away” warm top and/or bottom with a trash bag on top for possible “rain protection”. All of these layers are easily removed and most races donate the clothing left in the starting area or on course.


No photo description available.

The most important items to pack up in advance is what you are going to wear and your gear list!

You could travel as light as shoes, bottoms, top, and watch…or you could over prepare and bring All Of The Things (which is usually what I end up doing). With the weather in mind, I would pack up :

Prerace : shoes, socks, top (my BibRave Pro tee + long sleeve), arm sleeves, gloves, bottoms (capri pants + possibly throwaway fleece pants), running watch of choice, BibRave Buff head wrap, BibRave Boco trucker hat (good to block water or sun), and a large trash bag (cut holes in top for head and sides for arms)

No photo description available.

Postrace (either in your car or stashed at the drop bag area) : Warm, dry clothes (BibRave hoodie, sweatpants, fresh socks, dry shoes, etc.) + a rain jacket or cover

If you are one to over-prepare (as I always do), be sure to leave a little room in your luggage for some souvenirs from your adventure.

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Certainly save room for your new Hot Chocolate 15K/5K swag!!


While you have put in a steady training block (say 10-16 weeks), you will want to be sure your expectations of the race are within your reach!

Did you miss a lot of your workouts?
Should you tame down your expectations?
Or shoot for the stars?!
While the weather conditions may not be perfect,
are you going to let it get in your head?

good attitude

Again, are you going to let the questionable conditions get to you?

Be sure that no matter how the race is panning out, you find a way to seek the positive. Yes, you might get rained on and your feet may get torn up from the water…

But guess what?!

You GET A CHANCE to run! You have the ability to move your body and experience Nashville on foot! Not everyone (including me at this point) gets this opportunity – so find a way to search for the good things when the bad start to overwhelm you.

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let me know what you think!

While I don’t have the opportunity to run in Nashville at the Hot Chocolate races this weekend, let me know what you think about the event (expo, pre-race, the course, post-race party, all of it!!).

Be sure to go over to and write a review – this helps other runners who are planning their race calendar decide which races they will add year to year. Did you love the course, but dislike the expo? Write it out because race organizers love to hear feedback to make their races better year to year – and your opinion matters!

My fellow BibRave Pro’s have run the HC15K in Nashville and have reviewed the event on their blogs and on Be sure to check them out and write your own review!

Check out Hot Chocolate 15K/5K on their social handles for fun promotions and to get the scoop on the gear and various race locations : 
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