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Shady Rays | Review

Disclaimer: I received a pair of Shady Rays to review as part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador), and check out to review find and write race reviews!

I am a sucker for sunglasses… I have used, tried, misplaced, broke and lost so many sunnies in my time that it is hard to count. When the opportunity came up to try a new-to-me sunglass company, I jumped at the chance!

Let’s dive into Shady Rays!

My Experience

Once my Shady Ray’s Allure sunglasses arrived, I have hardly taken them off — except while inside…because that is silly.

I really love the beautiful summer colors of the Calimesa Blush polarized lenses. The gold/blush lense colors pair beautifully with the dual brushed gold & matte-black frame.

I am not about to test the shatter-resistance of the lenses I was sent — but I am loving the 100% UV protection they offer!

I have been wearing my Shady Rays nearly constantly since they arrived and there are so many great features of the company and Allure Sunglasses alike. Here are my top 5 reasons to give Shady Rays a try!

Top Reasons to Try Shady Rays

They are PRETTY — When choosing between the different collections Shady Rays offers, I was drawn to the larger Allure frame style. I have other glasses in various frame styles and I couldn’t wait to try something different!

The Allure Collection is made for a woman’s style in mind with a lightweight, comfortable fit and style that works for both working out and everyday wear. As I mentioned before, the gold/blush lense color pairs wonderfully with the brushed gold & matte-black frame.

100% UV Protection — With the summer-sun high in the sky these days, I need to be better about protecting my body from the sun’s harmful rays. My eyes are something that I don’t think about most often, but I don’t have to think very hard with my Shady Rays on hand!

Rx Lenses — I don’t have eyes that require Rx lenses, but this can be a major pain-point for many sunglass-wearers. The fact that most-to-all of Shady Rays frame options can come in a prescription is great! Check out the Allure frames in your prescription — you will not be disappointed!

Free Lost/Broken Replacements & Lifetime Craftsmanship Warranty — Recall that little detail about how I use, try, misplace, and break most of my sunglasses? Yeah…this warranty was made for me. I have not needed to use the replacement guarantee, but it is only a matter of time… With the Shady Rays Lifetime Craftsmanship Warranty, you just pay shipping & handling for your lost or broken replacements! So easy!

Giving Back — With your online purchase, Shady Rays provides 10 meals to help fight hunger in the U.S through Feeding America. Isn’t that cool?! Certainly not something you hear companies doing every day…

My fellow BibRave Pro’s also went through various features of Shady Rays on their blogs as well. Be sure to check them out!

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4 thoughts on “Shady Rays | Review

  1. These sound awesome! :] They definitely are pretty, and I adore brands that give back to great causes! I technically already have sunglasses, but I’ll have to look into these! 😛

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