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Disclaimer: I received an Endure Strong training program as part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador), and check out to review find and write race reviews!

Well, many, many moons ago, with a short 6 week to go until the Hospital Hill 10K, I jumped into a new training plan. WHAT?! Yeah, not the smartest decision of my life…but it worked out well! Here are my week-by-week posts :

week : 1 2 3 4 5 6

What caused me to change plans?

As a BibRave Pro, we were given the opportunity to work with the Endure Strong team on the Endure Strong training platform. Since I haven’t had a coach before, I jumped at the chance to try something new for my training!

Here are a few great reasons to give the Endure Strong team a chance to set your next PR!

Endure Strong Team

The small & mighty Endure Strong team consists of Jared Ward and Andrew Webb. As a long distance runner, I immediately recognized the name Jared Ward. Didn’t you? Jared Ward is a professional marathoner with accolades including being an Olympian and USATF Champion! The fact that I get to be coached and learn from someone with such an amazing running resume is awesome!

Training plans

No matter the race distance or level of fitness, there is an Endure Strong training plan for you! From beginning your running story to bar building to an elite marathon, there is a plan for everyone.

Since I started the year pregnant, I had some major questions and concerns about the plan to choose. I knew I needed a 10k training plan for the Hospital Hill 10k, but I wasn’t sure how my fitness was going to hold up being pregnant. I emailed the Endure Strong team and Andrew Webb, the team manager, contacted me quickly about my short list of concerns :

  • Pregnant — roughly 32+ weeks on race day
  • A shortened timeline for training — due to changing from one training plan to another mid-way through the training cycle
  • Pacing obligation — a half marathon the weekend before the 10K

With the insight and guidance of Andrew, I ended up choosing the 8-week Intermediate 10K plan with a pace goal to finish the distance in 90 minutes. While this time isn’t a PR for me, it would be the fastest 10K during my pregnancy! With this goal in mind, I started to dig into the Final Surge app used in conjunction with the Endure Strong plans.

Endure Strong Platform — Final Surge

The Endure Strong training plans are given to the user through the use of a website or app called Final Surge. Once you set up your account and choose your training plan, your workouts will automatically upload.

Here is what a fresh and clean Final Surge workout log looks like — no workouts shown. If you want to add a workout, you select the “+” in the top right corner and add the relevant workout info.

Here is a messy Final Surge week of workouts. The days of the week are at the top followed by a colored dot. This for represents “completed workouts”. If I completed the workout for the day as shown, the dot turns green. If I missed a workout or the day was incomplete, the dot is either blue, red, or yellow. I also showed you a breakdown of one workout.

I didn’t have an easy time just importing my workout from Final Surge to my Garmin, so I pre-programmed my more intricate workouts (like the one shown below) through the Garmin app or website the day before. From what I hear, I didn’t have to do the work myself, but I just couldn’t figure it out at the time…

Other data the Final Surge app keeps is your training history and vitals. This way you can keep track of your weekly distance and duration of workouts as well as your weight, sleep, and stress. All of those “vitals” can impact your training and are a good resource to consider when amping up your miles.

Overall, the Final Surge app and website are a vital component of your Endure Strong training plan…but I saved the best for last!

Coaching Calls

As mentioned before, Jared Ward is your coach when you sign-up for the Endure Strong training plans. One of the amazing perks of this subscription is the biweekly coaching calls!

Every other Wednesday, Jared and Andrew set up a Zoom call for all athletes to tap into. The training call typically has a focus topic and finishes with Q&A from anyone who has any questions for coach. This is a chance to interact with Jared and pick his brain on anything you are questioning with your workouts, nutrition, motivation, or anything you can think of!

Throughout my Endure Strong training, our calls discussed (each line below being a full call contents plus questions from the athletes on the call) :

  • Nutrition
  • Pace Zones, Post race strategies
  • Running form, Breathing, Shoes, Summer running
  • General questions; Return from break, long run, cross training, nutrition
  • Gaining experience as a runner
  • Training plans
  • Team member advice

Lastly, your membership with Endure Strong includes a backlog of all previous coaching calls. This gives you a chance to binge-listen to calls pertaining to :

  • Adjustments to training
  • Training philosophies
  • Common injuries (shin splints, runners knee, IT band, planter fasciitis)
  • Runners Corner — Guest Speakers
  • Winter Running tips
  • Tapering
  • Marathon philosophy & adjustments
  • Mental strength
  • Pacing & more


Overall, I am very happy with my results from my Endure Strong training plan. I was able to run/walk the Hospital Hill 10k with fellow BibRave Pro Katy and we finished in roughly 1:24 — 6 minutes under my goal time! For being 32 weeks pregnant, I think we did an amazing job!

BibRave Pros

While I brushed over my favorite features of the Endure Strong training support I received, here are the reviews from my fellow BibRave Pros :

Amanda Bridget Jenn Stephanie Amy Barb Brenda Erica Fallon Christine Linda Melissa Sam Amy P Samantha Stacy Vanessa Bill

What are you training for?
Do you use a running coach?
I’d love to hear from you! Leave a comment and start a conversation!

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