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Road ID | Review

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Through my years of running, I have varied the time of day I log my miles. Some miles in the morning, some in the afternoon, and not as much in the evening…but still a chance. No matter the time of the day there is always a small risk that I may be injured in some way, shape or form along the way. Accidents happen…

What if I am hurt in a way that I cannot tell someone who I am? How will my family know what is happening or where to find me? Beyond running, what it I lose my kid in a crowd or dog out of our yard? How could I be contacted in those situations?

If any of these fears have EVER slipped into your mind, you need to check out getting a Road ID. Check it out!

Road ID

While I am a runner advocating for runners to consider purchasing a Road ID, it is certainly not just for runners. Road ID is for you, your significant other, your kids and yes, even your dog — anyone or any being in your family that needs to carry identification needs to have a Road ID.

As a runner, it is a hassle to have to carry my drivers license or other form of identification in case of an emergency. With a Road ID on my wrist or shoe, there is no longer a need for me to carry additional things on the run.

Road ID is a small metal badge that can be ordered to fit on several different straps. Whether you want a nice leather look or a simple colored stretch band, Road ID has a wrist ID that will work for you!

You will always find PURPLE in my wardrobe…and a matching Road ID looks pretty nice!

If you would rather add your Road ID to your fitness tracker, they have you covered there as well!

With 5-6 lines of text (depending on the width of the badge), your Road ID can inform first responders of the most important information about you. I have listed :

  • name
  • year of birth
  • city, state, country where I live
  • an emergency contact’s name, phone number, and relationship
  • blood type
  • any allergies

But you can also list :

  • additional emergency contacts
  • a mantra or tagline
  • additional health related information

Whether I am wearing my fitness tracker and Road ID Sidekick or my Wrist ID alone, I will always have a Road ID on my body in case of an accident or emergency. And you better believe everyone in my immediate family will be wearing their Road ID too!

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