Thinking Out Loud

Today is THURSDAY!

Is it Thursday already…Thursday’s are for Thinking Out Loud with Amanda!


I am thinking about doing another yoga “challenge” next week with @RunnersLoveYoga – the only problem is that I often forget to check online to see the poses. I might need to make a daily alarm to be sure I am doing the correct poses! #runnersloveyogabackbend



I have yet to sign up for the marathon next spring…maybe it is just cold feet (they are pretty cold these days). I would really like to see a doctor about my foot before too much time goes by. My bunion is never going to get better and I am worried that surgery will be needed sooner than later. My goal marathon is in April – so if I can take it “easy” with the training, I think that I can hold out… Maybe I will see how the next could longer runs go before making a final decision.



I wish it were easier to de-clutter! I need to start putting away toys that little man no longer has any interest in…and at the same time, where am I going to put them?! I have a closet dedicated to outgrown clothes and baby things (swings, rockers, bags, pumps, etc.) – but it is getting full! I need to figure out some more storage solutions – other than getting rid of stuff. With the thought that we will have another child someday, I hope that all of these things I am keeping around will serve me well the second time around…


Have you seen these “adult coloring book pages” that Crayola has come out with? I am all about a good coloring session – and these are pretty cool!



These days, I find it nearly IMPOSSIBLE to get out of bed to get in a morning run. It is not that I didn’t get enough sleep – I am in bed by 10pm (probably closer to 9/9:30pm). It is not that I can’t sleep – although I find myself with a cat or dog, or both, keeping me a little too warm… It’s not that I DON’T want to get in my workout…even though it is close to 30 degrees in the morning these days. I am not sure what it is…I just need to kick this funk in the junk and get out there! Tomorrow…I will try again tomorrow…


So…today is Thursday. Yep, I said it, Thursday. My brain thought that it was Wednesday. I hung out in bed too long this morning, I packed up my lunch, I made my morning protein smoothie, I came to work… Huh, why does Jess have a Crock Pot box?? OH SHOOT!! Today is the Thanksgiving lunch at work…because today is THURSDAY, not Wednesday!! Oh boy… I not only brought my own lunch to work…but I forgot the vegetables that I was going to bring for the potluck lunch!! Well, it looks like I will not be in the front of the line this year – and if the food is gone, I can just eat what I brought. Sheesh…


How is your #holidaysweat challenge going?? I forgot to log veggies/fruits the first week on the FitApproach site, but my workouts are relatively correct! Keep moving this holiday season! #ShowYouCan @timexsports #holidaysweat @runtothefinish @fitapproach #sweatpink


Also, keep piling on the miles with @RunEatRepeat! My weekly goals are 25 miles – I have exceeded those goals each week and it is going to be a close one this week…  #POTM15




What are you doing to stay active in the colder days?

What are you thinking about today?

Does today feel like a Thursday?

2 thoughts on “Today is THURSDAY!

  1. It’s definitely not as easy to work up the motivation to exercise these days… especially when it’s hard to get outside. I blame the cold on that one. And the dark. My running definitely suffers during the winter months, but then I spend a lot of time snowboarding so it kind of evens out. And I realize that’s no help at all, but I guess I”m just saying… you’re definitely not alone 🙂


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