salad + banana

Good morning! This is another What I Ate Wedensday with Jenn, Arman, Meghan, and Laura!


While this is just one day this week, I generally keep to the same routine then entire week! I aim for 100+ oz of water (with additional electrolytes or “hydration mix” at least once a day) a day, 1+ fruit or veggie with every meal/snack, and rounded meals/snacks with different food groups (generally try for fruit/veggie/carb, protein, and fat – but this doesn’t always happen!).

Since my ½ marathon last weekend, I have not put many any miles on my legs…and I slept in, until 6am at least – so my day starts a little later than usual. I planned an evening run with the MRC group at 6pm.

My morning started like many others; cleaning up the kitchen and packing up my meals and snacks for the day. Since I was out of town last weekend, I wasn’t able to prep anything for this week. That just means that I need to think a little harder about what to eat for the day!

[breakfast] protein shake – unsweetened vanilla almond milk, Pure Morninga (sample from Raw Box), 1c. frozen strawberries, ½ c. frozen raspberries, vanilla protein powder


[morning snack] small low-carb tortilla, 2tbsp natural peanut butter, 1 med. banana


[lunch] mixed greens salad, cranberries/pumpkin seeds, dressing, chicken (cooked in the crockpot last night with homemade tomato sauce on top), 12 baby carrots


[unplanned post-lunch run] I was getting a little over whelmed at work, so I decided to take my lunch hour to the streets. I didn’t want to push myself at all since I will be going on the group run with little man and a stroller after work, but the weather was nice, breezy, no sun, cool, lunch run.

[afternoon snack] 12 baby carrots, 1 tbsp. hummus, ½ c. cottage cheese


[planned workout] Tonight, I signed up at the local running shop, Manhattan Running Co, for “Fire Up Your Run – Night Run” – an event celebrating National Running Safety Month. We are going on a 5K group run, in the dark – since it is dark SUPER early these days! I took the little man and stroller out so he could enjoy the fun as well.


[dinner] mixed greens salad, cranberries/pumpkin seeds, dressing -dinner.jpg


Water for the day: 102oz

Coffee for the day: 12oz

Planks: 5min

Running: ­­­­3.76miles/45minute, 3.5miles/40minutes

I am participating in the #holidaysweat challenge – and due to eating the same thing most days, I have been able to eat 7-9 freggies (FRuits and vEGGIES) throughout the day (as seen above).  #showyoucan @timexsports #holidaysweat @runtothefinish @fitapproach #sweatpink


What are you eating today?

Did you get all your FREGGIES in?


6 thoughts on “salad + banana

  1. Lindsey your eats look delicious and so healthy! I just loaded up on freggies at the farmers market. That said, other than a bunch of veggies in my eggs this morning, I’ve got work to do to get them in today.


  2. Great work with drinking so much water! I often do worse in the fall/winter when its darker and chillier because I don’t think I’m sweating as much (even though I am!) I love the simplicity of PB/banana tortilla wraps. One of my favorites 🙂


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