High Five Friday

Fave Five Friday!

It is Friday again! I am no longer in a turkey coma and ready for a weekend at home. Here is my Fave Five line up for the week! I am linking up with several great bloggers for this week!



This view!

because…that is how you do pumpkin pie!

I want green trees again! I guess I’ll have to wait a few months…

It’s nice to always have little friendly reminders. 🙂

Some days, you just need to run. Not because you are going to eat half your weight in turkey and pie…and surely not because it is raining…




8 Ways to Stay Motivated During the Holidays
I could sit all day and read ALL THE WAYS to keep myself motivated to be healthy over the holidays – but will I get out for that early morning run, questionable! I sure try though!

Do These 10 Things Before Thanksgiving to Stay Fit for the Whole Holiday Season
These are great! A little late for this particular Fav Friday (since yesterday was Thanksgiving), but still rings true for every holiday! I went for a run on Wednesday (check!), I am not “meal prepping” but I kept my mental game in check (check!), and I signed up for a future race (Winter Runderland 5K the first weekend in Dec.)!

Gifts Guide For Runners under $25
I always love finding gift guides from other runners! There always seems to be 1-2 things that I didn’t think about needing…because we need it all!

Three Mind Games to Get You Through Tough Runs
There are some days that the long run is just torture – I will keep these in mind for sure!

Stay Positive Yoga Sequence
I have been using yoga a lot more lately – this sequence is a great addition to my schedule!




Banana Pumpkin Bread
Yes, another pumpkin recipe for me to try! I. Will. Try. Them. All.

Pumpkin Oat Greek Yogurt Muffins
Again, with the pumpkin…I could eat it all day! These muffins look great and I think I will be making a batch tomorrow!

Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cookies
During this time of the year, I could eat pumpkin all day! My mom used to make cookie very similar to these…takes me back!

Cranberry Chocolate Chip Cookies
Just a twist on the traditional chocolate chip cookie – festive!

Green Bean Casserole Goes Healthy and It Couldn’t Taste Better
A healthier version of the classic green bean casserole (that I always eat too much of)…yes please!


Fav Pins


No Bake 5 Ingredient All Natural Energy Bars – Optimal Pre-Run Nutrition
I am always thinking about what and when to eat before my long runs, and these look great! I generally have oatmeal w/honey, so these are right in the same “oatmeal” category! These would also be great as a snack or breakfast bar!

15 Ways to Lose 15 Pounds With Tea
While losing 15 pounds sounds great, I am not sure that tea is REALLY going to help you that much. I believe that there are certain ingredients that you can add to hot water to help your body run better, but I think that a lot of it is just keeping yourself hydrated! I am all about the hot lemon water and green tea! Maybe I will try another version to mix it up…

Four Ingredient Flourless Protein Brownies
Um…yes, please! Since I have 4-5 bananas that are getting a little dark on the counter, these will be made tomorrow!

The Ultimate List of “Once a Week” Meal Prep Containers
I really enjoy meal prepping – but I do get myself into trouble when I do not have enough containers for all my prepping! This is a good go-to for me to figure it all out!

Definition of my Dog
These are so cute! I would totally get one for all our pets – 1 dog, 2 cats, and a tortoise. A great gift as well as a memento for when they are no longer around…


What are you loving this week?

Have a safe and happy weekend!

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I love hearing from you! Please and thanks for taking the time to comment.

8 thoughts on “Fave Five Friday!

  1. What a great list! I can totally relate to the struggle of not having enough tupperware. I’ve been in the midst of testing over 40 recipes for the Healthy Living Jumpstart 2016 program with Jill and my house is overflowing with food, but not enough containers to put it in!


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