hemp hearts + pomegranate

Good morning! Welcome to another edition of What I Ate Wednesday! While this is just one day this week, I generally keep to the same routine then entire week! I aim for 100+ oz of water a day, 1+ fruit or veggie with every meal/snack, and rounded meals/snacks with different food groups. Since I was able to meal prep this past weekend, this is pretty close to what I will be eating every day this week – with the exception of Thanksgiving day and beyond (depending on how much is left over)!


[breakfast] vegetable egg bake – made on Sunday + 1915 Bolthouse drink


I made enough of the vegetable egg bake on Sunday to last through Wednesday’s breakfast, yum! Also, when I was at the store on Sunday, I found 1915 by Bolthouse! I read about this drink a while back and I wasn’t sure they would sell them in the area. This drink is coconut water with cold pressed juices – I bought the Pineapple, mango, avocado, lemon version (since they were super cheap due to being close to their expiration). So good!

[morning snack] vanilla Greek yogurt, 1 tbsp hemp hearts, pomegranate seeds 


I my first RawBox, I received a package of Hemp Hearts. I wasn’t quite sure how to eat them, but they are great as a topping on yogurt!


[workout] Since I didn’t take my lunch run around 11am like I intended, I had quite the empty stomach at 2pm when I found the time to go out! So, I ate an Access bar before heading out for the boost of energy!



[lunch] prepped salad mix, chili


I prepped this salad over the weekend and all I have to add is the dressing and cranberry/pumpkin seeds to complete the mix! This is a great, mostly homemade, version of the Costco bag mix I bought last week. I’m glad I prepped enough of this to last me the week! In addition, I always love making chili – and this “McBacon” chili is great! Good enough to win 2nd place at the “chili cook off” at the marketing holiday party!

 [afternoon snack] cucumber, carrots, cottage cheese


These vegetables are form the winter farmer’s market I went to last weekend – with a little cottage cheese on the size, this is a great, filling snack!

 [dinner] Once I was home with the little man, I was beat! Not sure what exhausted me so much…but I didn’t want to “make” anything for dinner. So, since I meal prepped for the week, I just snagged an extra salad for dinner – yep, same salad I had for lunch!


FREGGIES (FRuits and veGGIES): 15!

Water for the day: 136oz (4 x 34oz refills)

Coffee for the day: 12oz

Running: 55 minutes – 4.7miles #POTM15


I am participating in the #holidaysweat challenge – and due to eating the same thing most days, I have been able to eat all of my freggies (FRuits and vEGGIES) throughout the day (as seen above)

#holidaysweat @runtothefinish @fitapproach #sweatpink #GetMeMoving @thememover @cookinrd #yourpathtofit @yourpathtofit


What are you eating this week?

Do you meal prep?

Did you get all your FREGGIES in?

I love hearing from you! Please and thanks for taking the time to comment.

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