cheez its + green beans

This week is a little different than most – my hubs is away for the rest of the week, training in KC. I am glad that I did some prepping over the weekend, because I have an additional prep in the morning now – the little guy! I generally leave getting the little guy ready for my hubs since he works long hours and isn’t as likely to see him in the evening after work. Now that the hub is out, I will have to utilize other times through the day for workouts and such. I am joining Jenn’s WIAW crew over at Meghan’s for this week’s WIAW update!

The morning started with emptying the dishwasher, starting a new load of dishes, hanging the laundry, setting out the clothes from the dryer to send with the hub to KC, getting dressed, set out meals/snacks to take to work, get the little guy up and ready, packing said meals/snacks for the day…and then heading out the door. I dropped off the little man at daycare and headed to work…then seeing the full pack of diapers on the floorboard, I had to drive back to daycare to drop off the needed diapers! Busy morning…

[drinks] 3-4 34oz waters, 12oz coffee (after blood donation)

[breakfast] 2 slices of the Squash Egg Bake (prepped on Saturday) and a slice of light Colby jack cheese


Around 9am, I donated blood at the company blood drive. They schedule these drives about every 8-10 weeks so I am always donating on schedule.


[morning snack] My morning snack was the bag of cheese-it that the blood drive people bring for the donor’s to eat after donation – I saved the fruit snacks for a later snack.


In addition, I ate an apple on my way to the bank!


[lunch] I spent my lunch break going to the bank.

Once back to work, I heated up my Venison Bake (prepped Saturday) and green beans for lunch.


[afternoon snack] apple w/vanilla Greek yogurt


[workout] Since I donated blood this morning and needed to go to the bank over lunch, I decided to get my 1 mile (#rwrunstreak) in after work, before it got too dark!


[dinner] dinner…what’s dinner? I think we had a grazing “dinner” tonight since the hubs is away We shared a couple hard boiled eggs, an apple, a peanut butter sandwich, a few baby carrots, and some apple chips. He wasn’t in the mood for me to take the time to cook, or not hold him, so we found things that he liked that were already ready…or only took 1 minute to prepare.

The rest of the evening consisted of watching the Little Mermaid 2 and riding the dog… (the pup is chewing on a toy, no aggression here!)


FREGGIES (FRuits and veGGIES): 10-ish

Water for the day: 34oz bottle refilled 4 times = 136oz total

Coffee for the day: 12oz

Running: 12 minutes, 1 mile

We are in the thick of the #holidaysweat challenge! I have been keeping up with my FREGGIES daily and been active every day! #holidaysweat @runtothefinish @fitapproach #sweatpink


 What are you eating this week? Do you meal prep?

Did you get all your FREGGIES in?


I’d love to heat from you! Leave me a comment and start a conversation 🙂

6 thoughts on “cheez its + green beans

    1. I try and donate in the 8-10 week schedule and they are pretty well spaced at work 🙂 I am glad that they bring it in because it would be super hard taking the little guy to an open blood drive…


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