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My Friday Favorites

…And it is Friday again! Time sure does fly when you are having fun…or something like that! I hope the weekend welcomes you in positive, uplifting spirits! I am linking up with some great bloggers for this weeks Friday favorites!



This is one of the mottos that I use daily – I also use “a run is a run is a run” to keep me in check with getting my workouts in, even if I am not feeling up to it.

I completely agree! I have hear a few times lately that I have inspired others to want go be more active. It is flattering and I hope that they find that their health is #1 priority! I love running and being active. I can only hope that my drive and determination inspires others to be more active!

I want to run with this view – I could run forever!

I always love seeing these ladies out on their adventures!

These mugs remind me of the mugs that we grew up with – I would love a cabinet full of these!




How to Pace your next Marathon or Half Marathon: 5 foolproof tips by runfargirl
I will be pacing several races next year and I can use all the tips and tricks! Granted, I am going to be working with a Smart Pacing team – they pace based on the elevation changes and not a steady pace throughout.

7 Tips on Qualifying for the Boston Marathon by thismamarunsforcupcakes
I don’t for-see this happening – but a girl can dream!

Tips for Race Recovery my mcmmamaruns
I can use all of the “recovery” essentials this coming year. It is going to be a big one and with back to back running events, pacing and not running full bore, I am going to find some new routines to keep my legs fresh!

Mastering the Marathon- 26.2 as Unequal Halves by runnersconnect
I really enjoy reading all I can about marathons and how to accomplish them – this writing is another to add to the list

Yoga for Runners by lovelifesurf
I am really having fun with trying new and tried-and-true yoga moves to help me with running with better posture and form.


Fave Foods to Try


Healthy 3 Ingredient Flourless Brownies by thebigmansworld
I have these all at home…I think I will give them a try this weekend!

Mint Chocolate Chip Granola by leancleanandbrie
I am surely going to make a batch of this soon and probably make some for Christmas gifts!

Grain Free Snickerdoodle Cookies by runningwithspoons
I really could care less about the “grain free” part – but I am a sucker for trying new recipes and snickerdoodles are the nostalgic Christmas cookie for me!

DIY Protein Bars by ciarrasiller
I would always use new protein options – and these would be fun to make J

Vitamin Packed Black Bean Fudge Cookies by womensrunning
Um,…yum! This is worth a little time in the kitchen J


Fav Pins


Holiday Gift Guide for Toddlers by carrotsdcake
This is great – because I have no idea what to get the little guy…he is so busy!

The Best Sources of Protein for Vegans by fitfluential
Well, I am not vegan – nor do I plan to ever be vegan. But, I am always looking for more ways to bring more protein into my diet – those proteins can hind is so many foods!

The Best Homemade Food Gifts for the Holidays by healthyhelperblog
I am all about making gifts – these are great!

Coconut Oil Sugar Scrub by newleafwellness
I love this scrub! Coconut oil has been my best friend for a while…and this is just another “beauty recipe” that I can make with it!

DIY T-Shirt Rug by themadcreative
Thank you Ashley for a great use for all of my old t-shirts (they were going to turn into cleaning cloths – and some probably still will!)


I would love to hear form you! Leave me a comment below and start a conversation 🙂

What are you favorites for this week?

Will you be buying or making more Christmas gifts this year?


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18 thoughts on “My Friday Favorites

  1. I’m definitely not making anything myself this Christmas. I’m not a huge DIY gifter. I’d bake something, but that’s about the extent of my capabilities.


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