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December Runfessions

Well, since this month’s Runfessions falls on Christmas, we are linking up a little early this month! What a month it has been…


I runfess…

I am so nervous to start training for my first full marathon! There was a lot of talk that I wanted to sign up…needed to sign up before the next price increase…SIGNED UP…checked training plans, set a training plan…and in another week, said training plan starts!


I runfess…

I have stopped drinking coffee…and I still feel great! I knew that I didn’t need coffee to stay alive throughout the day, but I needed to prove it to myself. I LOVE the taste of coffee…with a little hazelnut creamer, but is it! The taste! I am not the person that needs a morning, mid morning, nooner, or afternoon coffee break to stay awake during the day… I am okay with a jug of water an unlimited refills 🙂 I need to find a GOOD decaf blend to drink…

I runfess…

I have not been running…much at all lately! Last week was my lowest mileage week in the last year…a mere 10 or so miles! I am not proud of the lack of running last week, but I am not upset about it either. I donated blood last week and I have found that it really takes a toll on my ability to get out and get a workout… Then, this past week, I have had a touch of bronchitis – I was sidelined from getting out in the mornings – then with work being so busy, I just didn’t make workouts a priority. Sometimes, but only sometimes, a little break is nice!

I runfess…

I am ready for spring…I don’t care for this dark morning running (when I actually get out!).

I runfess…

I need to stay away from the work sweets. They are sooo good,…but I need to run an additional 5 miles a day to keep up with the potential calories. Yes, I will soon be training for a marathon, but I would rather use my calories a little more wisely!

I runfess…

I am in major need of winter running inspiration! Those BRISK morning jaunts become more and more daunting…and I know that I need them to get through this winter training schedule. Yes, I have a gym membership…but I would rather save the treadmill for those days that I cannot run outside due to the weather…heavy snow, freezing rain, etc.

I runfess…

I am super nervous for the Saturday group run this weekend! We are traveling to a near by city to team up with their running club for a bigger group run. Like I have mentioned before, I am the slow and steady, long run, runner… The run is 8-10 miles this weekend – which would be fine in Manhattan, but in Wamego, I am not sure of the route or of the area. I just hope that I don’t get lost…




Thank you Marcia for the monthly Runfessions link up! Join in the fun and check out the other blog posts!

8 thoughts on “December Runfessions

  1. I am the slow and steady runner too, and not a big fan of groups. It always stresses me out that I won’t find someone of my ability / speed.


  2. I am so excited for you and your first marathon! Trust me that journey is life changing and you will not regret it. Wowza to no coffee. I agree with you though. We don’t “need” it. It’s just a ridiculous habit at this point. Hope your group run went well! Thanks for linking up!


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