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running + birthdays

It’s that time again! A weekly wrap up with Holly and Tricia! This past week went by fast – busy with work, busy at home (always with a little boy), and a busy weekend of fun!


Monday- I was able to get out over my lunch break and get a solid, easy paced, 1 mile…ha! Really, I just needed a quick break from the madness for a bit, I didn’t have time for a full lunch run.

Tuesday- I woke up with a heavy chest, sore body, and a slight fever. I didn’t run because I couldn’t really take a deep breath 😦

Wednesday- Same feeling as Tuesday, but without the slight fever…could be due to my scheduled intake of my “rescue” inhaler and ibprophen – no workout

Thursday- feeling a bit better, but not 100% – no workout

Friday- Finally, I woke up without a heavy chest and could breathe deeply without pain…I didn’t get around early enough to run in the morning darkness. I chose to rather run over my lunch break – ran to the bank and back – 4.3 miles. Ironically, I participated in the Twitter conversation with @FitFluential and @Subway about how to #SaveLunchBreak… I fessed up to using my lunch breaks for running and destressing, and not eating… Anyone else??

Saturday- The Manhattan running club planned a group run with the group from Wamego. There were 8 Manhattanites that traveled down 18 to Wamego. It was a good run, starting a little later than the usual, filled with gaggles of geese flying, and a beautiful sunrise. I am really glad my legs and lungs allowed me to get in a decent long run this week! – 7.4mi


Sunday- My legs felt good after the past couple days of running and the weather was great for a run! So I went out for a decent, easy jaunt – 5.05 miles

Weekly miles : 17.75Β miles

Meal Prep

Well, due to a busy schedule this weekend and a short week, meal prep was not a focus this weekend. I will come up with a plan for the week on Monday πŸ™‚

Weekend Happenings


I was glad that I woke up without an elephant on my chest – but I didn’t get up in enough time to get a run in. I opted to take a long, hot shower, start a load of laundry, and empty the dishwasher before heading to work. I worked a long day and was able to take a lunch run to the bank. After work and picking up little man, I decided to play delivery person and hand deliver a Chriatmas present to a local friend πŸ™‚ (If you read this, I hope you like it…and your tech tee from the Runderland run!)

The main evening event was meeting up at the Tallgrass Tapgouse for the hub’s mom’s birthday dinner. My in-laws came to town to have dinner with “the family” thinking it was just my guys and I in attendance…but my sneaky FIL planned on having her sister/hubs and parents also attend. The gig was up when the reservation for 10 wasn’t made with the correct person over the phone… We were quickly seated but since there were only 5-6 of us, the additional 4 seats were given menus and…well, she know for sure something was up. I went “to the restroom” by the back entrance and escorted the remaining guests in πŸ™‚ The surprise guests were well received and the dinner was a success!

After dinner, I changed the little man into pj’s at the resturaunt because he made the 2hour trip back to KC with Nana and Papa.


I started the day heading out for a nice group morning run. The Manhattan group made plans to go out to Wamego and run with their group. My only beef with the run, well two beefs, are (1) I didn’t know the route and (2) most of the route was loose, gravel back roads. (1) I really like to know where I am supposed to be running. Being the turtle of the group, most days, I rely on knowing where to go… (2) This isn’t a big issue…except that we were running in the dark and I can lose my footing walking, let alone running… Overall, other than my phone dying before the end, it was a nice morning run! I need to get out in the morning more often so my lungs can be more accustomed to the cold…

After a hot shower and getting feeling back in my fingers, my day was to truly start! I planned on going to the Farmer’s Market and then to work for a bit…

The Farmer’s Market was packed, both vendors and shoppers! I didn’t have any kind of list this week,…mostly “window shopping”. Β Didn’t end of purchasing anything…

I then headed to work. I have an ongoing project that is due to the customer this coming week. With a lot of production still in the works, I hope that we can get it all done on time! Let’s just say, the KSU football team is going to look pretty great at the Liberty Bowl with my efforts πŸ˜‰

The remainder of the day was spent doing dishes, several loads of laundry, vacuuming, cleaning, and listening to podcasts.

Once the hub got home, we were quickly in the truck and on our way to KC for a surprise birthday party! One of the hub’s good college friend is turning 30 and the guys planned a fun evening in Westport. It has been TOO LONG since we have been able to see a lot of the people invited! We started at Harpo’s and spent the rest of the night at Offkey!

The whole gang at Harpos


Offkey was a new and awesome experience! The whole bar is a karaoke situation with several microphones circling the bar area. We rented a private room where we had our own waitress (thanks Hannah!), a few microphones, 2 TVs for the lyrics, and strobe lights! While we were packed in there pretty well, it was a lot of fun playing music from the past; including Thunderstruck (an old house party (and wedding) favorite), Under the Sea (The little Mermaid), and many more random selections.

Β Β 
Β Β 

This was surely a night to remember! It felt like a party from our college days for sure! Great job B making a fun night for Jmo’s birthday πŸ™‚


I turned off all of my alarms since we got home around 3:30am from the festivities Saturday night. I even asked the hub if I should stay up another hour and then go for a run…he called me crazy, and said no. Oh well…I just went for a nice, easy run a little later πŸ™‚

After my windy, easy run, we decided to take little man to Bass Pro to see Santa. The hub’s dad works at Bass Pro and was able to pick up a 2:30pm Santa time. In years past, we have gone in early and picked up a ticket for later in the day, but since he was working this day, he picked one up for us.

This Santa sighting went really well (unlike the last one, can see picture here). I think the well rested little guy was able to scope of the Santa situation before the meet up… After, we wander d around Bass Pro and let the little guy check out all of the fun things πŸ™‚


Cute little man!…see, no tears or screaming!


Little man finding some big boy toys to play on

The final event for the day is the Family Christmas party! The hub’s dad’s family Christmas party was hosted by his aunt and it was Royals themed. Everyone had a great time! Little man got 3 presents to open! A tractor from Papa, a book from Aunt B and Uncle M, and a Mr. Potato Head from S, S, and V! He is be a present unwrapping pro this year!

Mr C and Mr O hanging out (“little man” is on the right)

The whole gang! πŸ™‚


After the long day and over indulgence at dinner, we decided to stay in KC for the night and head back home EARLY in the morning.





How was your weekend?

Any Santa sightings?

Have you been to any birthday or Christmas parties lately?Β 

I’d love to hear from you! Leave a comment and start a conversation!

10 thoughts on “running + birthdays

  1. I’m glad that you were feeling better by the end of the week! Looks like you had some good runs in spite of the illness. That birthday party sounds like so much fun πŸ™‚


  2. Wow you did have a fun filled weekend, good job on pulling off the surprise party! I saw Santa, well he didn’t look like he was thrilled to be there so there’s that 😦 He was at a restaurant stuck in the corner by the drink machine. You almost sat in his lap just to get your drink, so I can imagine he wasn’t’ too happy about that. I asked how he was doing and I barely got an answer…. Hope he was nicer to the kids! I hope you have a Merry Christmas!


  3. Well you sure made up for being sick for a few days! Lots of miles and it looks like a lot of fun! Birthday parties everywhere! Cute Santa pictures, I did not know that Santa was as the Bass Pro shop- cute! Enjoy the holiday week!


    1. It seemed like everyone in our house was sick that week 😦 We have seen Santa at BP the past couple years, they have several activities for the little ones! But you have to show up early to get a ticket! Have a great week!


  4. A successful Santa photo! That’s great. I used to run on the TM on my lunch hour because it was too hot to run outside. But I was always limited by time. I eventually switched over to outdoor morning runs as I could take all the time I needed and it was cool Sometimes I miss my lunch run! That 30th Birthday Party looks like a blast! I hope you have a wonderful Christmas with your family. Thanks for linking with us Lindsey.


    1. His expression is quite similar to last years πŸ™‚ I am probably going to be on the TM at the gym with these colder temps…but I really just need to bite the bullet, bundle up, and head outside! Have a great week!


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