granola bar + carrots

I cannot believe that it is Wednesday already!…Christmas is just a couple days away, and I have yet to do some present wrapping (yep… procrastination at it’s best!). Wednesday’s are good for something…WIAW with Jenn and the gang! While this week is short and sweet, I am just trying to eat from the fridge and pantry, and resist the urge to do any grocery shopping…

[drinks] started off the day with a little Nuun (1/4 tab) in my water – no coffee today (resisting the urge!!)!


[breakfast] oatmeal bake and homemade apple chips

[morning snack] homemade oatmeal/energy bar and carrots + another serving of Nuun (1/4 tab)

[lunch] venison pie (from dinner last night) and green beans


[workout] Went for a late afternoon run to clear my head


[afternoon snack] an apple, carrots, and a refresher of Nuun (1/2 tab) after my workout

[dinner] Venison pie with spaghetti squash and ketchup



Do you meal prep over the weekend?

What is your favorite meal of the day?

I’d love to hear from you! Leave a comment and start a conversation!


10 thoughts on “granola bar + carrots

    1. Super easy! I just slice the apples, take out the seeds as I go, dip them in fruit fresh water, and then into the dehydrator. There is also a way to use the oven…but I’ll just use the dehydrator until it doesn’t work anymore 🙂


  1. Baked oatmeal is a life saver for meal prep! It’s nice when I don’t have much time to make something in the morning. I need to start learning how to prepare venison too…the husband hunts and I have a feeling a freezer full of deer meat is coming up in the not so distant future.


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