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beet smoothie + cabbage | WIAW

This weekends Meal Prep contributed heavily to my successful meals and snacks this week! With the help of my Bountiful Basket, I was able to make some fun meals (for me…not so much the hubs) for the week! I am really liking the mystery of the Bountiful Basket fruits and vegetables each week…and as long as I… Continue reading beet smoothie + cabbage | WIAW

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7 Workplace Health Hacks

I had previously started a post about my workplace snacks – and then I heard that was looking for Workplace Health Hacks. While the snack post will wait for another day, I thought that I would Think Out Loud, while sitting at my work desk (on my lunch break!) and muster up some Workplace… Continue reading 7 Workplace Health Hacks


sweet potato + spinach

I thought I would join the party of What I ate Wednesday fun! While this is just one day this week, I generally keep to the same routine then entire week! I aim for 100+ oz of water (with additional electrolytes or “hydration mix” at least once a day) a day, 1+ fruit or veggie with every meal/snack, and rounded meals/snacks with different food groups (generally try for fruit/veggie/carb, protein, and fat – but this doesn’t always happen!). Also, with this being a taper week with a race/run on Saturday, my meals this week will be a little more on the carb heavy side (especially towards the end of the week!).