Monthly Goals

December Goals – recap

Where has the time gone?! December is over… As this year comes to a close, I wanted to recap this past months goals, successes, and failures.

So, I thought that starting a monthly post about my fitness/life goals. Starting this month, I am going to set in stone my goals – and then report back at the end of the month with my successes and…lack of successes. Feel free to link up!



December Goals

  • Run 5 days a week (or as training dictates) 
    • Overall, yes! I was able to keep running 3-6 days a week through the month of December
  • Continue long runs on the weekend – Saturday group runs are a great opportunity to connect with other runners (since I am a solo runner)
    • I have been able to keep up with running with the Manahttan Runners Club on Saturday’s – yes, even though I am the turtle of the group 🙂
  • Run a 5K PR – 27 minutes (hopefully in a “race” setting)
    • I did not meet this goal – this was an attainable goal, but with a long run that morning and a side stitch at mile 2-2.5, I just didn’t quite make this goal.
  • Cross train 2-3 times a week
    • I lacked on cross training in December 😦 
  • Yoga whenever possible – 10-30 minutes, 4-5+ days a week
    • I was able to deep stretch/yoga 2-3 days a week, but I would have liked to make it a daily routine. I will try again in the months to come!
  • Foam roll 5-10 minutes daily
    • Foam rolling fell to the wayside a bit this month, but with a new roller in the mail, I am hoping to make this a daily routine.
  • Walk 100,000 steps each week (ambitious maybe…but doable!)
    • Very ambitious and not attained…with being on-and-off sick, I was not able to meet this goal.
  • Run 100 miles this month
    • Again, with being sick a couple times this month, I was not able to meet the miles this month.
  • Feed my body in the best ways possible
    • I have done a good job of keeping away from constant sweets and processed foods this past month! I am going to be tracking my intake a little more regularly throughout the coming year so I can keep track of what fuel works best for me!
  • Create a training plan for my first full marathon in spring 2016
    • Done…and started!!
  • …use said training plan for spring marathon training!
    • Yep!


Did you meet your goals for December?

Are you prepping for any upcoming races?

I’d love to hear from you! Leave a comment and spark a conversation!

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