High Five Friday

New Year – Friday Favorites

Happy New Year! How did you finish off the last week of the year? Working, running, goal setting, and sleeping…the usual! Nothing better than starting off the new year with a Friday Five Favorites link up!



I would love to see this view often…

My #best9 of 2015! Running, running, running…yep, sounds about right!

Love it!

I can only hope that we do not get this much snow…is that bad? That means that we will probably get more…

I love the colors! Ready to start the new year!



The Best Advice For First Time Marathoners by Team WR
Advise for first time marathoners, yes please! I like how the layout of this post is…Q&A style.

Your Foolproof Guide To Winter Layering by Jessica Sebor
We are now in the thick of winter (since we FINALLY got our first snow)…and I need to keep learning how to layer in the cold. Typically, I over-dress in the cold and then get a little too warm…

A Fantasy Wish List For Runners by Alison Barsalona
Yes, yes, yes… I would like to have “a standing weekly appointment with a masseuse”

6 Types Of Winter Runners You’ll See In The Wild by Caitlyn Pilkington
Ha! These are great… I am a mix of “the stay-puft marshmallow man” and “the weather woman”

4 Key Things You Need For The Perfect 2016 by Caitlyn Pilkington
These area great! I feel like I read these 4 things are the most stated tips for runners – but it is always good to read!



40+ Cast Iron Skillet Recipes from Daily Appetite
Since we enjoy cooking on the hub’s cast iron, I should find other things to cook in them (other than browning meat)!

“Instant” Oatmeal Jars from cleanfoodcrush
I am always looking for quick oatmeal recipes and these look simple for meal prepping!

Hemp seed Energy Bites from Skinny Fitalicious
Yumm….I have been looking for other ways to eat hemp hearts – I typically only put them in my yogurt.

Double Chocolate Quinoa Brownies from Skinny Fitalicious
These look yummy…and now that I am trying to cook more of the sweets that are in the house, these will be on the list to try for sure!

Muesli Banana Hemp Bars from Skinny Fitalicious
Looks like I am loving Skinny Fitalicious for sure! Again, I am loving the hemp seed recipes.

Fave Pins


DIY Homemade All Natural- No Sugar Added Electrolyte Sports Drink from RunWiki
I go through electrolyte drinks and tabs everyday…so making my own (if my tummy is okay with it) might save a couple bucks!

Homemade Biore Strips from GroFex
Those little strips at the store are so expensive…I am glad to have a recipe to try sometime!

DIY Pallet Coffee Cup Rack from The Whoot
This looks great! If we had the wall space for this, it would be fun to make and display!

Om Shanti Clothing
I love these pants! I am always wearing fun pants…and these need to be in my wardrobe!

Meal Prep
While this website is in a different language, the images are the best for meal prep inspiration!

Happy New Year! Check out some of the other Fave Friday link-ups below!

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11 thoughts on “New Year – Friday Favorites

      1. Thank you! ❤ Do you know how I can get better running within a few days? I have to run a mile soon, and I want to get at least a little better.


  1. Hi! Found your blog through the link up. I love the cast iron pin. I think I just pinned the same one because my husband bought me a cast iron skillet for Christmas. Good luck! My 2016 running goal is my 2nd half marathon in April.

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