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Well, last week was the end of 2015…where did the time go?!

New Years Eve

Since the hub and I needed to work, the grandparents came to get the little guy Wednesday afternoon. We decided to to go out with the hub’s cousin and wife for New Years Eve. We went out to dinner and found our way around town before settling back at the house to relax before the New Year.

New Years Day

Friday morning, New Years Day morning, I made a breakfast (a potato, venison/sausage, cheese bake) for the hub and I – how sweet of me!

I brought him breakfast in bed and we vegged out watching Netflix.


A little while later, I remembered that I needed to out the rest of the bake away. I went downstairs, and…while we were enjoying being lazy, the pup decided to help herself to the rest of our breakfast – and what would have been a few meals! Live and learn…and put the leftovers away promptly…


After cleaning up the kitchen a little and catching up on some blogging, I packed up my bags and got ready to head back to KC to pick up our little man.

It was a little later in the day when I arrived in  KC, but I was still able to get in a run!


After I got back, dinner was waiting for me 🙂


Day After New Years Day

On Saturday, we took it pretty easy – probably too easy, if that is possible. I knew that I wanted to get in a longer run… I knew that I wanted to go to Costco sometime while I was in the area… I knew that I wanted to go see my mom in the hospital…

Run first! I semi-planned my route…with a little extra. I knew the distance that I planned, but I didn’t take into account that I haven’t ran 10 miles in a couple months. No biggie,…except for the fact that I left my hydration vest at home and I didn’t want to get into physical trouble while out, several miles from home. Well, I did wander into some unfamiliar territory…and then I saw some turkeys 🙂 and then my phone died…and then my watch beeped that my workout was over…and I was 3+ miles from home. Oh well, live and learn.


Not long after getting back, the little man wanted to play with the guinea pigs that Papa was watching over the holiday break. The pigs were okay with being close to him as long as he kept to himself…but that didn’t last long 🙂

After showering, the little man and I went to go see mom in the hospital. I called ahead first to be sure he could go in (since we have had issues in the past, depending on her attitude that day) but since she was doing well the last couple days, I didn’t think that it was going to be an issue. Mom was super excited to see the little guy, especially since she missed Christmas. He was all about giving high fives and fist bumps…and walking around the halls. Not long after we arrived, my dad came to visit as well. We just hung out, chatting about nothing really…just enjoying the company and the little guy running all over the place.

Once I got back to the house, dinner was ordered and served shortly thereafter,…yum!



Another easy morning! I slept in…against my better judgement to get up and start the day with my recovery run. I did get it in, but not until later in the morning.

Before I knew it, the little man was awake and our little play date was going to happen soon! Whenever we are in KC, I try and have a coffee date with my bestie, Steph. Since her little gal was fed and dressed (and my little guy was still running around, pre breakfast), we decided that she would come to us. The kiddos are too cute when they play together 🙂 I was busy making a “mouse trap” for them to play with,…little man was busy going up and down the stairs…

As they were getting ready to leave, the kiddos got super cute 🙂

Little man was even showing little J where he stashes his treats – vanilla wafers.

Once the company left, the little man was due for a meal and a nap – and I was due for my recovery run!


Not long after getting back, we headed out to Costco for a couple items. Then, we were on the road back to Manhattan… Our little guy can be so silly sometimes…his blanket started on his legs…and ended up around his head 🙂 Silly boy!


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How did your week go?

Have you started training for any 2016 races?

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