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marathon training w2

Workout Recap

Marathon Training – Week 2


Sunday-   4.75 miles

30 minute easy + 25 minutes easy
5 minute walk

I decided the route that I wanted to run – and I did! I ran pretty easy and wasn’t too worried about running almost double the recovery workout planned…


Monday-   4.5 minutes

45 minute interval run
10 minute cool down

This was NOT an easy workout – and I wish I would have ran in the morning before work! Good thing I had my Shower Pill in my bad…or that would have been a sour rest of the afternoon!



Tuesday- nothing scheduled – made friends with the foam roller 🙂

Wednesday- 5.16 miles

60 minute run
5 minute walk

I was planning on getting up bright (or dark) and early…but slightly sore lungs sent me back to bed so my inhaler could take affect. Well, then the snooze button won out the rest of the morning 😦 So, I made it another lunch run day!


Thursday- 4.4 miles

55 minutes

While there was no scheduled run, my legs were begging to get out for a run! I took a nice, easy run to the bank and back over my lunch break 🙂


Friday-  3.83 miles

44 minute run
5 minute walk

I was FINALLY able to get out of bed and run! A hilly morning workout felt good in the legs…but not so much on the lungs 😦 I should have used my inhaler before heading out… Oh well. While the workout wasn’t as hard as it should have been, at least I gave it a good shot! 

Saturday- 8.4 miles

95 minute run
5 minute walk

A nice, cold (freezing), snowing, group run!


Weekly Miles: 31.04 miles
Weekly Minutes: 425 minutes (7+ hours)

This Week’s Projected Workouts

Marathon Training – Week 3


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How did your week go?

Have you started training for any 2016 races?

Are you running 2,016 miles in 2016? Join me for the fun and challenge!

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17 thoughts on “marathon training w2

  1. Great week of running for you, Isn’t it nice you can run on your lunch break! I feel like when I get in a gym workout during work, I kind of cheat because I’m supposed to be at work. Love it though! My work is very relaxed and I’m able to do this, sounds like yours is too. Thanks for linking up with us! After my recovery I’ll get back to running because I have a half in 6 weeks! 🙂


  2. I’m curious about your inhaler. Do you have exercise induced asthma? My lungs get very sore but I’ve never been to the doc about it. That’s impressive mileage for week three! I’ve made zero plans for 2016 waiting for this marathon to be complete. I’ll be back training for something in a few weeks. Thanks for linking!


    1. I have always had asthma, but I only need my inhaler when the seasons change…part of it is when there are higher allergens (early spring). I have also needed it in the hot, hot summer months and cold, cold winter times. It is worth asking your doctor about it for sure!


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