cosmic brownie + chia pudding | WIAW

Wednesday – what did I eat? Well…it was a little random, but that is what I do best! Without a lot of prepping over the weekend, there is some interesting meals/snacks happening this week!


[drinks] lemon water, decaf coffee w/creamer, 32 oz water X 3 + 1/2 tab of Nuun lemon lime

[breakfast] egg bake (leftovers) with green beans and broccoli + halo orange

I was FOR SURE running last this morning and was able to grab and go my breakfast.


[random morning snack] 1/2 cosmic brownie

Not sure why I was craving something super sweet this morning, but I had a small SWEET snack an hour after breakfast…


[morning snack] chia pudding with oatmeal + honey

I prepped the chia pudding (unsweetened vanilla almond milk and chia seeds) Monday morning and added the old fashioned oats just before packing my meals/snack for the day. 


[workout] interval workout

10 minutes easy run, 5 minutes threshold/1 minute easy (repeat 6X), 10 minute walk


[lunch] 2 hard boiled eggs + 4 hard boiled egg whites + plain Greek yogurt w/hemp hearts + apple

I just packed a bunch of things this morning – not really good at “meal planning” this morning… Lunch was fairly late (like 2:30 pm) since I waited to run until it was warmer and I cam to a stopping point at work.


[dinner] protein drink + carrots

After the little man was fed and happy, he was on the go! I settled for a protein drink (got them relatively cheap at Costco last weekend) and some carrots…the little guy then helped me with my carrots.


[after dinner snack] kettle popcorn

I had a little bit of a sweet tooth…and the popcorn on the counter was saying my name!

I am linking up with Jenn and the whole gang for WIAW!


Do you meal prep over the weekend?

What is your favorite meal of the day?

I’d love to hear from you! Leave a comment and start a conversation!

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