February Runfessions

How is it already the end of February?! (I feel like this will be the theme each month!) With any hopes and dreams, the winter chill is nearing its end and the lovely spring weather will be here! This past month has been a whirlwind of running, eating, napping, running, eating, sleeping, and more running!

Now that the month is ALMOST over, it is time to Runfess with Marcia and the crew! Hop on over and check out the link ups!


I runfess…

I have YET to run my first marathon, still in training until April!, but I am thinking of more marathons… I think I caught the running bug, but I really should hold off until I get that 26.2 miles under my belt! I might not be as excited about anther torture-test so soon…or *gasp* ever!

I runfess…

…I have also been thinking about the even more torturous task of an ultra marathon! **DUN DUN DUN** Make the crazy thoughts stop (or at least until after April 16th!)…

I runfess…

My foot has been hurting…off and on, for a little while now. I KNOW that I need to take it a little easier on myself…but that can be a little difficult. My compromise? I will do the “easy” runs on my schedule and forgo the intervals and hills when my foot is sore (like this week). 

I runfess…

With my sore foot this week, I am quite nervous for my long run Saturday morning… I make a pretty hilly route and I really hope that I don’t have to cut my run short. At the worst, I can backtrack some of the less hilly roads and forego the last major hill…

I runfess…

I have been bad about meeting up with the group on Saturday mornings… I do not feel great about this – but I just feel that since my long run pace is so much slower than every one else’s at this point, I am just a drag. I feel a little pang of upset (with myself) whenever I see one of the other gals doubling back to me just to see that I am still doing alright. Someday, I will be able to have a “long run pace” faster than 10 minutes…but for now, I will stick with my 12+ minute pace (it keeps me moving through 16+ miles). 

I runfess…

I have not been foam rolling as much as I would like to or need to! Oh boy… I have not been getting sore, but I really should make more of an effort to make and keep a rolling routine! 

I runfess…

…the same goes for yoga… I always feel so much better and stronger after a couple sessions. I just need to make that time more of a priority. It doesn’t help that I become a human trampoline for the kid and dog whenever I am mid vinyassa. That…and dog butt in the face when in cobra just takes me out of the moment of relaxation…

I runfess… 

I am in a conversation on the 2016 in 2016 FB group about “What would you do if a dog attacked you?” thread… I guess that since I have never been attacked by a dog, I really hadn’t given it much thought. The gal was questioning if she could or should have maced the animal…which people were saying, “do what you need to do to protect yourself”, I agree. Has anyone been attacked by a dog or any other animal while out on a run? I was paced my a cat at the park today…it had a collar, so I think it was a pet that just wanted a little love…

I runfess…

I had a blister starting by my big toe…I have seen it the past couple days. I didn’t feel that it was going bad until my afternoon run and walk today. OUCH! When I finally got home, I took off my shoes and then my socks, slowly…and yep, the blister grew dramatically in size…sad day! I am not sure what I am going to do for tomorrows long run… Band aid? Tape? Yeesh…it has been WAY too long since I have dealt with this (a blessing?!)…

What do you Runfess?! Spill your dirty little secrets… 🙂

I’d love to hear from you! Leave a comment and start a conversation!

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15 thoughts on “February Runfessions

  1. I hope your foot is ok. Definitely hold off on signing up for anything until after the marathon. Another marathon will be there when you’re ready. You don’t need the pressure. I’ve been attacked by a dog and honestly it happened so fast, I didn’t even think to get my pepper spray out. He ran over and jumped up and I knee’d him in the belly and shouted “go home”. I felt a little bad about doing that but geez .He wasn’t horribly mean. Just wanted to play, I think, but who knew that when it happened?? Thanks for linking up!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I haven’t jumped the gun in signing up for another race quite yet…but my mind is all over the place 🙂 There was several loose dogs I saw yesterday on my run, non came directly to me and all seemed friendly, just got loose. I waited around for 2 of their owners to come find them…


  2. Yeah, well my foot was sore too, and then it moved into my ankle! Which is, thankfully, better but not back to normal either.

    How are you for mileage on your shoes? Have you tried rolling it on a tennis ball or icing it?

    It can be hard to fit in everything you need to do for a half, I can’t even imagine how you get it all done for a full!

    I love running with other people, but it’s hard to find people who run my pace, which is even slower than yours. It’s not that they’re not out there, but finding them & meeting up with them — it’s hard! I feel ya.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. My foot has been sore like this before – part of it may be because I have a bunion on that foot and I run a little differently because of it. I mostly just ice it and use my stick to roll on the floor. I should try a tennis ball!

      Liked by 1 person

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