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marathon training w9

This week was a little different – I was feeling exhausted – mentally and physically – and couldn’t find the willpower-desire-motivation to get out and run a couple of days! I switched around some of my mid-week workouts and forfeited my interval run on Tuesday (even though I WANTED to make it up a different day). Oh well, it just shows that the weeks will ebb-and-flow with the willpower-desire-motivation!


Workout Recap

Marathon Training – Week 9

Sunday- 3.25 miles – recovery run with the little man

For me, no run is easy with a 60+ stroller to push…but the hubs was still out and I wanted to get in my shake out run. Tired legs needed to get some air! I also hit my 300 miles for the year! BONUS!!

Monday- cross training, 35 minutes – Insanity Pure Cardio (1.5 miles)

A little help with stretching – not sure I needed the help! I just have to be careful that she doesn’t try to play under me while stretching – she is 60 lbs of knee breaking pup!


4 miles – easy, recovery run

My legs felt so heavy today…I almost called it quits at 2 miles (since I was running 2 loops). I am glad that I didn’t, but it wasn’t an easy run today!


Tuesday- interval run 

Well, just wasn’t feeling up to running today! I have been stressed out at work and it is really zapping my energy. I decided to take it easy today and just go with the flow – the hubs got home late, or else I would have gone out for an evening jaunt.

Looks like the rest of the weeks workouts might be a little mix and match so I can still get the workouts in for the week!

Wednesday- 3.5 miles – easy run

Again today, I didn’t REALLY feel like getting out for a run…but an EARLY morning phone call from my mom put me outside for a morning run. Sometimes, I just need that extra push to get out the door in enough time to get in a run!


I also packed my workout bag in case I felt like going for a lunch run as well…which was GREAT! I needed to get away for a bit and a nice run was just what I needed. Good thing I took my phone and my new Forerunner 235 has reminders – because I forgot about an afternoon meeting! I had to book it back to work to make my meeting on time! **Mental note – check calendar before leaving for a run!


Thursday- “rest day” 40 minutes – Insanity Pure Cardio (1.5 miles)

It is a good thing that my animals furry family members don’t judge my living room workout attire – mix match socks don’t care! While “rest” is on the workout menu for today, I couldn’t help but get in a little heart pumping time with my main man Shaun T! Plus, I think the animals furry ones get a kick out of dodging my feet and tripping me up…


Friday- 2.5 miles – hills easy run

I am not quite feeling up to running at a high intensity this week…not sure why, just don’t have the energy for it. I think my family’s struggles are getting to me a little – I cannot be there in person to help with the drama… I went for an easy 30 minute run on my 30 minute loop – well, it only took me 28 minutes! Looks like I need to add another street to my run to make up the time 🙂 


I then got off work a little early and decided to lace up! I went to the park that is down the street from the daycare for little man. I ran the loop twice and then ran to pick him up. He kept saying “ma ma” the whole walk back to the park… He usually tells me who’s car is who’s in the driveway…and he was confused that we weren’t getting in a car! He was thrilled to see the play ground at the park!…and then equally disappointed when it was time to leave. 


Saturday- 19.9 miles (total) – a day of running

I started the day with EVERY intention to get out and get my long run in before the hubs needed to leave for work (or closer to when the little man would be waking up). I put laundry away, started a new load, put the dishes away, started a new load, felt like I wanted to fill the dishwasher and not run a partial load – so I made soup for the week (see in Meal Prep), then the washer and dryer turned off…so I put clothes away, switched the loads, and started another new load (yep, I have been slacking lately)…by this time, I didn’t have enough time to get anything close to the distance I was planning on – so I decided to break up my run throughout the day! An “easy” 6 miles before little man woke up and grandma showed up…  


Inaugural MHK1K – Goodnow Park to the top of Manhattan Hill
(2/3 of a mile to climb 175 ft!!) –  Once I showed up at the park and checked in, I went for a “warm-up run. i still had 15-25 minutes before I got started,…so what else was I to do?


I am not sure why I really signed up for this run…seeing as I knew that I would have a long run already on my legs that morning. Oh well, all in the name of “fun” I guess! The course was rugged and beautiful! I didn’t really get to SEE it until my trek down… 


Then, while little man and nana we’re catching a nap, I made it out for my longest run of the day 🙂  My time doubling back home would have been better, but even though I lathered up the thighs before I left, I started chaffing like no bodies business at mile 7 or so… I took more walking breaks and awkward walking stances on the way back home. Oh well, I guess I need to put a stash of glide in my running belt or hydration pack for emergencies! Speaking of hydration pack, I have used my Nathan’s for a while now and I finally got a 1.5 L bladder for it! This was my maiden voyage and I would call it a success! 11.8 miles total for this last run…I forgot to restart my Garmin at a stop light 😦


Weekly Miles: 44.75 miles

341.5 / 2,016 miles in 2016

This Week’s Projected Workouts

Marathon Training – Week 10


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Are you running 2,016 miles in 2016? Join me for the fun and challenge!

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18 thoughts on “marathon training w9

  1. Sounds like you had a pretty good week of training despite the speedwork not getting done. My coach always reminds me that it is life, just move on and do our best. The consistency of training is more important than any single workout.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Wow. I’m very impressed by your Saturday. Long run + race + long run!? For being a little low on motivation early in the week I feel like you really killed it towards the end.

    My training was non-existent since I was on vacation, but managed to get some heart pounding hikes in which felt great for the legs.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Wow, you got in alot of miles this week. My training is just ramping up after being injured during my January marathon at Walt Disney World. I am hopeful that everything will continue to go well.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Some weeks are just like that, and you’re wise to listen to your body.

    Pushing 60 lbs? How the heck do you walk, let alone run!

    God I hate chafing. And I seriously hate that it’s so random on me. I shudder to think what might happen in a marathon. I’ve heard stashing lip balm can be used as antichafe. And while I have done this, I have yet had to apply it.


    1. I am not positive on the stroller weight 🙂 30+ pounds of child and 15-30 pounds of stroller…either way, he is growing and not getting any smaller 🙂 I need to figure out a way to take Vaseline or the like on my runs where I am wearing shorts for sure!

      Liked by 1 person

  5. It’s so impressive you can push 60 pounds in a stroller and run! You had great mileage this week despite the fact you felt sluggish. Saturday certainly was a big day of running! I do like that medal. I hope your energy level and motivation return this week. Thanks for linking with us Lindsey.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I do believe my energy and motivation is back…a little. There is a gal in the running group challenging a few people to #10for10…we’ll see if this happens! I surely have needed the time to think and reflect…


  6. I had to adjust my week too due to fatigue and some nagging injuries. Great job getting it done and not just throwing in the towel! Ps. WTG with the stroller miles, that is impressive!


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