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I was scrambling this morning once I got home from my run. I literally started grabbing things out of the fridge and off the counter to make up my meals/snacks for the day. I didn’t think about a menu of sorts – just figured it would all workout somehow!  Let’s see how I did!

Just another day in the life! Check out the other WIAW posts with JennArman, Meghan, and Laura – I enjoy checking out the other link ups for meal inspiration!

[drinks] water x3 (at work) + Nuun +  water x1 (at home)

[pre run morning drink] coffee + butter + oil


[morning run] 8 miles

A friend in the #2016in2016 is going out of town and is rallying others to motivate her to run-walk-crawl 10 miles for 10 days #10for10 – I am helping on the motivation side! I got in my interval workout, finishes farther from home, and took an easy 3 miles back home. 

[post-run breakfast] banana oatmeal cookie + protein drink


[morning snack] popcorn + Chobani yogurt flip + apple

[lunch] vegetable soup + orange

[afternoon walk] 2 miles

While I would LOVE to go for another run, my heart and foot just isn’t in it. My heart is sore because mom isn’t doing well in the hospital. Dad is being strong, but I ache that there is nothing I can do for either of them. I hope, for both of their sake, a plan to manage mom’s mental conditions can be met and give her a good quality of life. My foot just is just sore…and rather than run, I’ll walk (and leap (day)!)! 

[afternoon snack] kale salad + quinoa

I bought the kale salad at the store the other day…and since I had some quinoa, I just mixed them together! This was great (a little heavy on the onion)!

[dinner] roasted vegetables (jimica + sweet potato + zucchini)

Since I have some fresh vegetable lying around, I thought I just just roast a pan for dinner 🙂 Filling!

Were you able to meal prep over the weekend? What is your favorite meal prep recipe?


I’d love to hear from you! Leave a comment and start a conversation!

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16 thoughts on “cookie + vegetables | WIAW

    1. I am getting another Bountiful Basket this weekend, so I need to eat up the produce in the house 🙂 The little man loves fresh jimica sticks…I was a little surprised. Thank you for the well wishes 🙂


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