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April Goals

New Year. New goals and resolutions.

So, I thought that starting a monthly post about my fitness/life goals. Starting at the beginning of the month, I am going to set in stone my goals – and then report back at the end of the month with my successes and…lack of successes.


April Goals 

  • Have fun at my first marathon!
  • Continue to run 3-5 days a week post marathon to keep fitness up for pacing half marathons this spring
  • Continue long runs on the weekend
  • Cross train 2+ times a week
  • Yoga and/or deep stretching whenever possible – 10+ minutes, try to make it a daily routine (try harder this month!!!!)
  • Foam roll 5+ minutes daily
  • Walk 90,000 steps each week
  • Get 10K-15K steps daily – even on non-running days!!
  • Run/walk/crawl 150 miles this month
  • Feed my body in the best ways possible
  • Record miles weekly for #2016in2016 and the 2016 Gold #1000Challenge!
  • Enjoy the JOY in the JOURNEY!!
  • Think about the fall racing and pacing schedule!

How are your goals changing for this month versus last month? Are you prepping for any upcoming races?

I am linking up with the Tuesday’s on the Run gang: PattyErika, & Marcia! I am also linking up with the Wild Workout Wednesday gals : Angelina Marie, Annmarie, Nicole, and Michelle – check them out! Check out the new Coaches Corner linkup with SusieRachel, Lora, and Debbie!

I’d love to hear from you! Leave a comment and start a conversation!

14 thoughts on “April Goals

  1. Love this idea of setting health and fitness goals each months. I do am always looking to incorporate more foam rolling and yoga. But it’s hard to fit it all in when I prefer cardio and strength training.


  2. Love these! In addition to a foam roller you should check out Yoga Therapy/Tune-Up balls. So where a foam roller feels like a forearm on your legs, the tune-up balls feel like a thumb. They really work into a specific area. I’ve found they are super helpful particularly for my glutes.


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