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Mother’s Day Gift Ideas | Friday 5

While Mother’s Day is just around the corner, I haven’t given it much thought…for myself at least. While there are many, many…many running related things that I would LOVE to have, I thought about expanding my “would-like-to-haves” to more than just my running hobby! Enjoy!


Cute Grocery Bag

I have fallen in the ScoutMob spell! I love all of the different statement pieces. Since I am the grocery shopper (for the most part), this bag is the cutest!


New Journal

I love the quote on the front and I could really use the time thinking and reflecting on the things that make my life more positive. Getting the bad stuff of my chest and then letting it go. “So fill your heart with whats important and be done with all the rest”


Delicate Heart Ring

The only rings I wear are my wedding band, my “little man” band (the one that I wore when my hands were too fat to wear my wedding set when I was pregnant), and my mom’s ring. This is a delicate, sweet ring that would not over shadow my other important rings 🙂


Qalo Ring

In the past, the hubs and I have toyed with getting Qalo rings – not to replace our wedding bands and sets, but something to wear in its place while we are going about our hobbies. When I am running in new cities or areas, I do get a slight nervous feeling about running with my wedding set on. The perfect sub would be one of these less flashy, “I’m taken” rings! The hubs would rather not be working in the garage, brewing beer, and hunting with his wedding band on for fear of getting it snagged on something or losing it in a harvest…yuck! We both have good reason to purchase them, we just have not pulled the trigger yet…

A Foot Bath & Massage

It is not a new idea in my arsenal…I would love to have a foot bath that I can soak my pride & joys in. Something with a few bells and whistles would be nice…but am I really asking for too much! As much joy for running as I have, I could really give my peeps a little more TLC on the regular…

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Why is it that I always find things that my hubs would love when searching for things that I would enjoy – add this Brass Knuckle Handle Chalkboard Growler and Glossy Ceramic Growler to the list…

Paying for entering races is always on the gift list – check out the United Relay of America and May The 4th Be With You virtual run!

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23 thoughts on “Mother’s Day Gift Ideas | Friday 5

  1. It’s like you copied my list to a “T”! I love all of those things (except for the beer jug that your hubby wants)! I could have a million journals and planners, and notebooks… and don’t get me started on cute totes! Ahh, it’s the small things!


  2. Cute list. My wife’s version of a cute journal would be a cute new planner / planner cover. Or lots of etsy stickers for them.


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