Running for a Cause | UR America

As a runner, I get excited to be able to run supporting a cause. Whether a live race or a virtual race, running events help support local causes. When I got the chance to participate in the United Relay of America through my affiliations with Sweat Pink, I was pumped!

The United Relay of America is a coast-to-coast relay that will start on the West coast (in three locations) and end in New York. Runners can sign up to participate in any leg of the race! 100% of the event proceeds goes directly to the causes is supports!

1. Who can run?

Anyone! You can run a stage solo or recruit a team to run!

2. What are we running?

The  United Relay of America! This is a non-stop, triple route, running relay from the west coast to the east coast – three unbroken chains of runners will relay nearly 12,000 miles across the United States! Who wouldn’t want to be a part of history?!


3. Why are we running?

“We Are Here is your one-stop donation shop. We take the guesswork out of where and how to give, by curating a coalition of the best organizations, causes, and campaigns that are ready to change the world.” – We Are Here Movement

By fundraising and running in the United Relay of America, we are making a difference in peoples lives! Children, families, and communities in the USA and around the world.

4. Where?

The relay will span across 33 states over the course of 5 weeks – there are over 1,210 stage total. Over 9,000 participants will be running day and night carrying the batons to NYC!

The stars on the map are where the bigger Group Stages will take place!

5. Extras!

Sign up today and get a FREE United Relay of America t-shirt, courtesy of the team at Goodwear!

Do you love to listen to music while you run? Join today to be automatically entered to a weekly AfterShokz prize drawing to win one of 10 FREE Trekz Titanium headphones!


As a Global Corporate Partner, AfterShokz‘ involvement in the United Relay of America ensures that participants are aware of the conditions that they are running in.

AfterShokz are designed with the runner in mind. The open ear stereo technology allows you to listen to you music while still being able to tune into your surroundings – crowds cheering, traffic, etc.

Due to the open course of the United Relay of America, running during all hours of the day and night, AfterShokz patented technology keeps you connected to your music with the promise of safety and comfort.

Proud Sponsors of Safe Running

Participating runners will get an awesome discount on safe headphones to use on the course, so sign up to get the deal! For every purchase made through the AfterShokz website, they will donate 5% to The United Relay of America Fund!!

Join me!

Are you in the Seattle area? Sign up for the Seattle 5K Group Stage on April 27th! Take 30% off your registration with the following link : Seattle 5K

If you’re unable to be in Seattle (like me!), but want to participate in another leg of the relay, APPLY and let me know where you’ll be running! Also, take 30% off your registration with the following links : Everywhere Else Other Than Seattle!

I will be running Stage 237! This stage starts at 5:50pm on Tuesday, May 17th – I will be running from the Wildcat Creek and Eureka Drive point to the Manhattan exchange.

As the lead runner for Stage 237, I get to choose the route between the hand-off areas! I have mocked up 2 possible 10 mile route for the Wildcat Creek + Eureka to Manhattan routes, these are shown below 🙂 Both routes have 1 significant hill climb, but it is all downhill from there! There are surely other, more intricate, routes that I could make to remove the hills from the mix, but I am alright with the challenge at this point 🙂



Not a runner but want to contribute?

Please consider contributing to my fundraising page! I am running for Girl Rising, a global campaign for girls education. Help me reach my $300 goal – whether you can donate $1, $10, or more, every dollar counts!

Join me! Sign up today!

I am linking up with several bloggers to get the word out about this amazing running event!

This post was sponsored by Aftershokz through my affiliation with Fit Approach and the Sweat Pink community.  All opinions express are my own.

6 thoughts on “Running for a Cause | UR America

  1. This sounds like so much fun! I’m still on the fence of whether I’ll sign up since it is going through Philly, but I have a race right around that time…


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