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new week, new start | Weekly Workouts

New Week, New start!

This is the first week that I am going to start my workouts Monday through Sunday…since I didn’t do anything this past Sunday, nothing was missed!


Workout Recap

Sunday- no workout

Monday- 2.2 easy lunch miles

While I call them “easy miles” the warmer summer months are not going to make these runs “easy”… I am trying to keep a steady pace these next couple weeks at the cadence I want to run when I pace Bill Snyder next weekend. This was a good run!

Tuesday- 4 mile interval morning runIMG_0085

I am so glad that I found a running friend that is just as motivated as me to keep up our running and fitness! Thank you Mel for getting me out of bed (virtually) this morning! I hope that it will not be a difficult task in the future… While intervals are not fun, the variation in pace is a nice change. I rode my bike to a cousins house (to check it out before my LONG ride for the #UnitedRelay next week) and then started my run! I stayed close to our house and just went up and down and around the neighborhood 🙂

Wednesday- 4.25 mile lunch run

I didn’t get around much this morning…and I postponed my workout until lunch time…which was then a late lunch due to just being plain busy…life.

Thursday-4.25 mile lunch run

While today was another warm one, the breeze really helped keep me cooler and the sun didn’t bother me as much.img_0154

Friday- no workout – but I still got my 10K steps in between sitting at a desk job, sitting in a car for 2 hours, and relaxing before the race in the morning. Sure, I would have liked to get a couple shake out miles in, but you can’t win them all!

scoutstrongchallengeSaturday- 13.1 miles – solo pacing the 3:00 Scout Strong Challenge Half Marathon in Kansas City


Sunday- no workout – just relaxing, stretching, and driving

Weekly Miles : 29 miles

701 / 2,016 miles in 2016

This Week’s Projected Workouts

Another week down! One more to go… In this next week, I am going to try and mix up my routine with more foam rolling, stick rolling, yoga, and an extra hills workouts – I usually save my hilly workouts for the weekend, but that is already on the docket!

Bill Snyder Highway Half – May 21st : co-pacing 2:30


Check out some awesome #linkups this week!

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How did your training week go? What are you training for?

Are you running 2,016 miles in 2016? Join me for the fun and challenge!

I’d love to hear from you! Leave a comment and start a conversation!

10 thoughts on “new week, new start | Weekly Workouts

  1. Lindsey – Congrats on your running this week. You got some great mileage in. How awesome that you are pacing and co-pacing for Half-Marathons! Love that you helped this runner crossing the finishing line! Way To Go! Very inspirational! Nice that you found a dedicated running partner – makes getting out the door so much easier! Have an awesome running week! Enjoy those hills! They bring such great results though:)

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Great job on your wk of workouts. I have a friend that keeps me motivated for my long runs. Love your watch. I wanted to splurge on that one. But can’t justify it bc my old Garmin works just fine. I do however have a momentum bracelet that I love. They are so comfortable.


  3. It must be rewarding to help someone finish a difficult half marathon. I know she appreciated having you by her side. Congratulations on 700 miles to date in 2016! That’s truly fantastic. Thanks for linking with us Lindsey!


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