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#unitedrelay | Weekly Workouts

Workout Recap Monday- no workout Tuesday- 42.8 miles biked with The United Relay of America The hubs dropped me off in Abilene in the morning and I spent the day biking from Abilene, through Chapman, through Junction City (a hiccup in the route due to the military base…bummer), drove to Ogden and started back up to… Continue reading #unitedrelay | Weekly Workouts

Weekly Workout

new week, new start | Weekly Workouts

New Week, New start! This is the first week that I am going to start my workouts Monday through Sunday…since I didn’t do anything this past Sunday, nothing was missed! Workout Recap Sunday- no workout Monday- 2.2 easy lunch miles While I call them “easy miles” the warmer summer months are not going to make… Continue reading new week, new start | Weekly Workouts

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Ultimate Coffee Date | May 2016

Good morning everyone! Let’s chat! Join Coco, Deborah, and Lynda for the Ultimate Coffee Date link up! Pick your poison!  What are you drinking today? I am writing in the time machine…but I believe I will be drinking bulletproof coffee…I am going to need the extra boost of energy today! I went for a morning… Continue reading Ultimate Coffee Date | May 2016