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virtual races + pacing + busy weekend | TOLT

Wow,…that long weekend has really thrown me off my game this week…there is a little to talk about with Amanda and her Thinking Out Loud Thursday’s 🙂


virtual races

I hope that we have all heard about virtual running events by now… If not, virtual running events are a great way to be involved in a running event on your own time, in your own setting, with whomever you want 🙂 I run virtual races for the “tune-up” for race day…and to contribute to a good cause! Star Wars BB8 Virtual Run

What is the June virtual run hosted by Level Up Virtual Runs? It is the COWABUNGA 5K featuring Donatello, Michelangelo, Raphael, & Leonardo. This virtual run will be only a 5k and you can enjoy a nice slice of your favorite pizza after as a reward.

Date: June 15th-June 30st

Time: Anytime during those dates!

Location: Anywhere! You choose the location and if you want to walk or run!

Cost: $25

Distances: This race is only offered as a 5K distances, in the US and beyond!

Course:  You choose the location!

Swag: Every participant will receive a 4” May The 4th Be With You finishers metal and prizes form the sponsors (including a $25 Gift Certificate from SLS3)


Save 10% off your registration by using the code “SAVE10” at checkout!

Also, save $1 for sharing on Facebook and $1 for sharing the event on Twitter (see in checkout)!Star Wars BB8 Virtual Run

What a great deal! 10% off registration, a great large finisher’s metal, and a $25 gift certificate to boot!

Looking forward to races later in the summer?  Level Up Virtual Runs will have a 2016 Dog Days virtual run starting August 1st – you can pre-register for this even as well with the same link as above! 

Level Up Virtual Runs is teaming up with SLS3 to raise money to donate to http://www.secondchancelove.org/ with the 2016 Dog Days Virtual Run.


Save 10% off your registration by using the code “SAVE10” at checkout!

EDIT: Due to National Running day, you can save 20% off both races until 6/4/16 – use the code “GRD16” 

smart pacing

I will be completing my Spring pacing this weekend at the Hospital Hill Half Marathon…oh boy!! This race is going to be a tough one…for runners and pacers. I could use all the good vibes you have to get through this run as an effective pacer!


busy weekend ahead

I am not quite ready for the busy weekend ahead…

– running Friday morning, working Friday all day, picking up little man and driving to KC for the weekend
– heading over to the Expo for the HHHM on Saturday, picking up my pacer materials, picking up my race packet, checking out the expo and then standing around at the pacer table for a couple hours to educate people on Smart Pacing and helping people choose the pace group to work with 🙂
– Saturday will start bright and early with the HHHM; after heading back home, we will be heading out to the Thomas the Train experience in Baldwin, KS; thoughts of seeing a family friend while in that area might happen as long as little man can handle being out and about
– Sunday will involve sleeping in (if my body will allow it) and taking it relatively easy; breakfast with the little man, possibly a morning play date, followed by church and some lunch…hopefully I can time our departure back home with little man’s nap and he will rest while Io drive

training plan!

I am all set up with a training plan for this fall! I am not planning on running running any races this fall, but I want to be in a good place physically for my pacing events. I planned my schedule with my first (of 3) pacing events the beginning of October – after that, my schedule will be similar to what it was this spring, a constant taper mode for a month 🙂

Those virtual runs over the summer will also pose as “races” in my plan, but most likely will be on interval or tempo days, ha!

Colorado trip

Even though it is 2+ months away, I have started thinking about my plans for my Colorado trip. What was originally planned as a “girls weekend” had turned into a solo weekend – which I am alright with. My leading, running lady is going to make the trip a family event and plans on staying out a few more days before and after the pacing event – Georgetown to Idaho Springs. With this change of events, my plan is to stay with family (or at least in their house, since they will be OUT OF THE COUNTRY,…lucky!) close to the race. They live around 30-40 minutes from the finishing city, and since this is a point-to-point race, that is perfect!

Georgetown to Idaho Springs Half Marathon

Know anyone running this race? Hit me up!

My only concern is that I will not be “used to” the elevation change, since I am heading out Friday for the event Saturday morning… I heard that it will be fine and that I just need to go with it and trick my body into it. With the 1000+ descent from start to finish, I hope I can pull it off!

morning runs

I am loving my morning runs lately! While they are not always the longest or the miles I intended on running from the start, the weather has been cool and breezy! I need to soak it all in…because the morning heat and humidity is coming…and get worse throughout the day!


Well, I am doing a couple running streaks this month!

First, I am #streakingwiththeCOOLKIDS with Pinkcupcakegirl! If you ran June 1st, you can totally still start with us!

Since I am already doing a running streak with the COOLKIDS, I also am going to do the Runners World Run Streak – this one started May 30th…so if you didn’t get in those early days, then you are OUT! J/K…but really. 🙂

I hope that between these two streaking events, I can keep my legs moving before my next training plan starts 🙂

Other than having a bug-bitten, cranky 2-year old at home, that is all of my random thoughts for now 🙂 Check out the linkup with Amanda to see what everyone is thinking (out loud) this Thrusday!

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