High Five Friday

Friday Favorites #2

Well…somehow, someway, it is already FRIDAY! Time flies when you are having fun…or when you have an extended weekend and a shorter work week… Friday means that it is time for Friday Favorites!


Let’s go!

Beautiful morning views


I was blessed this week with some truly beautiful sunrises this week during my morning runs. I love the pictures that I am able to take, but nothing will do it justice that seeing the real thing in person!

bubbles on my tongue

I love Nuun.

I love LaCroix.

I love them both a lot more when they are together! Bubbles for days and it is more than just a drink, it is a snack! There are so many different flavors of each product that the possibilities are ENDLESS! My go-to drink when I have a sweet tooth craving…

quiet self-play


I love the times that I know little man is being good and I can get some things done around the house – i.e. dishes and laundry. I faintly heard talking in the other room and when I came around the corner, little man was readying his books to himself…too sweet!

weekend exploring

It is a rare, rare, rare time that we get to spend more than a day as a family unit. Over the holiday weekend, we decided to mill around the water areas in our area to see how they looked. We went by Rocky Ford, pictures above, to see what we could see…we then went to the Marina (where the road was closed due to high water) and checked out the boats,…and then we went home. Nothing special, but just time for us to be together and relax!

little man wanting to be bigger than he is 

There is nothing like wanting to get out for a “quick” couple miles with the little man in the stroller. Once we got it out of the back of my car, he wanted to push it…nooooooooooooooo. Well, needless to say we went only about 1/4 of the distance set out in about the same amount of time it would have taken with the full distance with him in the stroller. Oh well, he is growing up too fast…it was a good evening to just slow down 🙂

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Well, that is all for this week!! I think I am going to like this Friday Favorites post! Check back in the following weeks to be sure I am not getting too busy to continue…

Happy Friday!!

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4 thoughts on “Friday Favorites #2

  1. All great favorites! Beautiful mornings can be breath taking.

    Thanks for sharing with the Fitness Health & Happiness community. Have a great weekend Lindsey!


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