High Five Friday

Friday Favorites #4

Time flies when you are having fun…or when you are super busy at work and hardly come up for air…and now it is Friday, and that means that it is time for Friday Favorites!


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Let’s go!

leaving on his motorcycle


Since Christmas, little man has loved his “motorcycle”…who could blame him?! It cracks me up when he is “leaving” and says bye to everyone in the room…and some not even within 100 miles of the room (Nana and Papa specifically…). Puts on his shades and hits the open carpet… 🙂

running shots

If you are anything like me…you randomly think about action shots when you are running – you know, to prove you actually went out 🙂 I have played with different ways to take “running shots”…more failures than used photos… And then you settle for the typical shot when you get home.

a REAL motorcycle


I am not sure that little man has seen a motorcycle up close and personal…he mostly just knows the noise that it makes 🙂 We went to see the hubs at work and little man was super excited to see it and touch it…and attempt to get on it. We did not ride it…but he was in awe of it for a few minutes…then ran off to find something else to destroy do.

wrestle time

I am not sure why the hubs thought it was a safe idea to start rolling around on the floor with little man and the dog…but it happened, and no one got hurt, too badly! Since the hubs works late hours, I am always glad when they have some time to play together 🙂

just watching his movie…in the corner


The other night, we were just sitting around, watching a movie…little man was on the floor, and then he wasn’t. I couldn’t find him…granted, I wasn’t looking very hard. When I called out his name, I found him hiding in the corner with piles of things all around him. Ha! He was sitting in a way that he could see around the pile and see the TV…crazy kid.

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Well, that is all for this week!! I think I am going to like this Friday Favorites post! Check back in the following weeks to be sure I am not getting too busy to continue…

Happy Friday!!

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7 thoughts on “Friday Favorites #4

  1. I couldn’t tell you how many time I tried to take running shots too and they don’t come out. U even have someone take it sometimes and a still have o do a few retakes. Kids are so intense. I bet he thought that motorcycle was something.


  2. I am action shot challenged and while we’re at it, selfie challenged too. I need longer arms ha!

    Thanks for sharing with the Fitness Health & Happiness community. Have a fantastic weekend!


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