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Wow,…alarms, heat, and challenges, oh my!…There is a little to talk about with Amanda and her Thinking Out Loud Thursday’s 🙂



Well, as long as I am getting to bed at a “decent” hour, I have been able to get up and get a few miles on the road before moving on with my day. This week has been hard… I really want to need to get back into a morning routine because it is just too darn hot to run any other time of the day. Yes, I could run in the evening after the hubs get home, but it is still 80-90 degrees after dark! Not my version of a good run… I would rather battle the sun in the morning…


Speaking of morning running, it is a MUST these days. The heat came in fast and it is not going away! We were joking about putting cookie dough on our dashboards and having fresh sun-baked cookies after work… This joke may very well become a reality…and SOON!

ab challenge

I do love a good challenge! I have done a couple of the challenges hosted by Amanda at Run To The Finish – and this Ab Challenge is great for summertime! Here is the info from Amanda’s post :

What should you expect of yourself for the next 30 days??

  • 3 full core workouts per week (1 new workout per week provided, plus more ideas)
  • Making 1 small food change each week (1 new nutrition topic covered weekly)
  • Focusing on the benefits of a stronger core
  • Reminding yourself you have 5-10 minutes for key cross training

Ready to go???

Click here to sign up, you haven’t already (it’s free!)!

run streaks – the running kind

Speaking of challenges, I am still participating in a couple running streaks this month! While getting in a dedicated mile everyday is not the easiest with a busy schedule, I am giving it all I got to make it happen!

First, I am #streakingwiththeCOOLKIDS with Pinkcupcakegirl!

Since I am already doing a running streak with the COOLKIDS, I am also doing the Runner’s World Run Streak – this one started May 30th…so if you didn’t get in those early days, then you are OUT! J/K…but really. 🙂

Between these two streaking events, I have been able to keep my legs moving and it had really forced me to get around and get some early miles! 🙂


Life blood…these days. That is all.


I need to be better about getting in all of my water throughout the day! With the summer heat (yes, the summer heat will be a topic of conversation for a while…or until I move to Alaska), I need to be sure I am drinking enough water and getting some extra electrolytes and minerals…


Speaking of electrolytes…have you checked out my Amy & Brian’s Coconut Water GIVEAWAY?! Well, you should! If you are not a big fan of coconut water, or you are not sure how to drink it, I also included several great recipes to satisfy your thirst 🙂 Check it out!!

summer virtual races

I hope that we have all heard about virtual running events by now… If not, virtual running events are a great way to be involved in a running event on your own time, in your own setting, with whomever you want 🙂 I run virtual races for the “tune-up” for race day…and to contribute to a good cause! Star Wars BB8 Virtual Run

What is the June virtual run hosted by Level Up Virtual Runs? It is the COWABUNGA 5K featuring Donatello, Michelangelo, Raphael, & Leonardo. This virtual run will be only a 5k and you can enjoy a nice slice of your favorite pizza after as a reward.

Date: June 15th-June 30st
Time: Anytime during those dates!
Location: Anywhere! You choose the location and if you want to walk or run!
Cost: $25
Distances: This race is only offered as a 5K distances, in the US and beyond!
Course:  You choose the location!
Swag: Every participant will receive a 4” May The 4th Be With You finishers metal and prizes form the sponsors (including a $25 Gift Certificate from SLS3)


Save 10% off your registration by using the code “SAVE10” at checkout!

Also, save $1 for sharing on Facebook and $1 for sharing the event on Twitter (see in checkout)!Star Wars BB8 Virtual Run

What a great deal! 10% off registration, a great large finisher’s metal, and a $25 gift certificate to boot!

Looking forward to races later in the summer?  Level Up Virtual Runs will have a 2016 Dog Days virtual run starting August 1st – you can pre-register for this even as well with the same link as above! 

Level Up Virtual Runs is teaming up with SLS3 to raise money to donate to with the 2016 Dog Days Virtual Run.


Save 10% off your registration by using the code “SAVE10” at checkout!

Other than having a bug-bitten, cranky 2-year old at home, that is all of my random thoughts for now 🙂 Check out the linkup with Amanda to see what everyone is thinking (out loud) this Thrusday!

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