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Like most days, my alarm got me up around 5am. I wanted to make it to the 5:45 am strength training class at the gym…but that just didn’t happen.

Rather, my day started by doing a load of dishes, running to the store for cat litter, and changing said kitty litter box… Great start to the day, huh…

[morning joe] coffee + Nutiva Coconut Oil (butter flavor)

As I am packing my meals and snack for the day, I hear the familiar THUMP come from upstairs…yep, little man is up and calling “mama” at his gate.

[breakfast] 1 egg + 4 egg whites + Frank’s Hot Sauce

Since little man didn’t want to A) go back to bed or B) stay with daddy, I got him ready for his day. He snacked on a little homemade nut’nola (recipe on the blog next week!), played with his cars, drank a little water, chased up to his room for his giraffe, and snagged a couple bites of my eggs…

Before long, it was time to head to the sitter for little man and to work for me 🙂

Keeping busy at work isn’t a problem these days…always projects! Some days, I forget to eat when I am busy! Today, I missed my morning snack…but I also planned an early lunch – so I wasn’t too hungry!

The hubs came and picked me up around 11am and we headed off to Chipotle! At work, they have had an event planned at Chiptle for a little while – so my calendar was already set – BOGO! While I would love to hog all of the food, I invited the hubs along 🙂

[lunch] lettuce bowl + carnitas + peppers/onions + tomato salsa + red hot salsa + guacamole

It wasn’t too hard to stay with my Paleo eating habits at Chipotle 🙂 It did take a new level of strength to not take and scarf down all of what the hubs didn’t want to eat… The cheapskate in me also didn’t want to waste anything! But alas, I let it go… He tossed his half eaten bag of chips at me, so I kept them and passed them off to a coworker once I got back to work. Not all was wasted! Ha!

Again, work kept me busy for the remainder of the day…but since I took an early lunch, I was snacking in the afternoon a little more than usual.


[afternoon snack #1] homegrown mini cucumber + Cran-Cherry Nut’nola (recipe on the blog next week!) + blueberries

Since the blueberries were a little soft for my liking, I popped them in the freezer and I will enjoy them a little later!

Before heading home from work, I had another little Nuttzo snack – yep, a little Nuttzo straight from the jar! I know that I need to change my Nuttzo flavor since this one is made with peanuts,…but I am not about to let this jar go to waste!


[afternoon snack #2] 1-2 tbsp Nuttzo 

I really wanted to go to the gym after work – the hubs even has today off and I can just GO…but I am pooped. I am headed home for family and dinner time!

When I got home, little man and the hubs were eating breakfast sandwiches for dinner…yum!! Too bad I can’t eat any of it… So I heated up my lunch and added some of the leftover breakfast sausage and some Framk’s 🙂

[dinner] cabbage/green bean stir fry + breakfast sausage + Frank’s Hot Sauce

After dinner, I started cleaning up the kitchen. I am a mom. I am a maid. I am a dish washer. I have many hats…

Since the hubs left for the evening, little man and I went to Tatget to get more dish soap, clothes soap, and ice cream. Yeah…the ice cream was just because I had a rough day and little man won’t ever say no to ice cream… I know the ice cream I bought is not Paleo friendly, but is friendly to my lactose tummy, and that was all that counted at the time.

[evening snack] Dairy Free Ice Cream

After snack time, little man and I headed out to water the garden. Then we mowed the front yard…yeah, my zapped energy is so beyond zapped at the moment…but all in a day’s work 🙂 Bath time then bed time…

Just another day in the life! Check out the other WIAW posts with Jenn and her gang of foodies – Arman and Laura. I enjoy checking out the other link ups for meal inspiration!


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