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paleo + running belt | Thinking Out Loud Thursday

Wow,… Thursday…we meet again!…There is a little to talk about with Amanda and her Thinking Out Loud Thursday’s 🙂


Paleo Update

I am in week 2-3 of changing my eating ways to more Paleo based…and I am still doing well with my decisions! Yea, there are DEF still times that I am craving not-so-great things, but that happens. Yes…sometimes I indulge a little in those temptations (i.e. ice cream from the other night) but I am finding it easier to not go overboard.

The major pitfall felt this week was my complete lack of energy. I noticed that when I restrict my sugary fruit intake (i.e. melons and mango to name my top picks), I dragggggggggg through my day. I never realized how dependant I have grown to have sugar in my life!

Lesson learned.

Here’s to another great week! Check out some of my favorite meals below…and mangoes!!

work, work, work…

Well, work has been super busy as of late! One of the projects I have been a part of finally launched and we are so excited! Check out the new GTM Custom program!

GTM Custom

heat…and the HUMIDITY

Well, the heat and HUMIDITY have sabotaged my runs this week….sent me to the gym for the runs that I was able to get through. Oh well…I need to remember that I do have access to a gym 24 hours a day…it just makes it difficult since I need to drive to it…and not just run to a treadmill in my house (someday…)! Sounds like a lot of excuses…

…or maybe the lack of sugar talking!


LevelUpRuns-LightUpRunningBelt---livinglovingrunnernew running belt

Remember when I reviewed the SLS Running Belt a while ago? Well, Level Up just came out with a great LED Running belt! Similar belt, but with LED lights that run in 3 different cycles!

Well, I have been using this belt off and on for a couple weeks now, and I am still really glad I am using it!

The obvious perk is the amazing LED light! Other great features include:

  • An adjustable waistband up to 40″ with a strong buckle
  • A large pocket for large smart phones – my iPhone 6s fit in the pocket nicely!
  • Bounce-free fit for working out, running, walking, or whatever your heart desires!
  • Water resistant pouch to keep your belongings safe and protected from sweat or rain
Want to try your own at a super low rate?! Go to Amazon (affiliate link) and use the code “RCE5FGY8” at checkout for 50% off! You can get the belt super cheap! An amazing deal!

I don’t have a lot to say today… Check out the linkup with Amanda to see what everyone is thinking (out loud) this Thursday!

9 thoughts on “paleo + running belt | Thinking Out Loud Thursday

  1. Is beer paleo? I think you should try more beers with me. Maybe we can even do a one-off beer just for you to enjoy when I’m having my drinks!


  2. I dabble a bit in Paleo (which obviously means I am not Paleo). But I do try to focus on whole foods — still, I eat bread occasionally, enjoy my oatmeal & would never give up my melons! I just try to go lower carb on days I don’t run, a bit higher on days I do.

    I like to eat so mostly I’m okay with being a little bit fluffy.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I hear ya! I haven’t given up on ANY fruits at this point, I love mango too much! I do try to limit it…but fruit is fruit! It really hasn’t been all that hard cutting processed stuff cold turkey…surprisingly…

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I actually don’t eat a lot of mango. Rarely if ever. But melon — love it! I can eat half a cantaloupe in one sitting (although I don’t that often). It’s like cherries, too — such a short season.


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