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double whammy | Weekend Happenings

Well…I noticed I had an additional draft in my folder…and it was my recap from last weekend…well…

So, this will be a recap of the past 2 weekends – a double whammy!

Two very different weekends – first with the little man and the second as solo adults 🙂 We do not EVER get weekends without little man…and we are going to take a little advantage of this time!

Weekend 1 : 7/8-7/10


Like most days, I started my morning with a run [after I calmed down a sleep-screaming little boy and did a BIG load of dishes]… This was the first morning this week that I convinced my body to just GET UP when my alarm went off! Too bad I wasn’t out the door as fast…

A long, busy day at work…and I decided to “make up” for my not-so-great run in the morning with a runch run…which was just another “not-so-great” run to add to the list. Well…that didn’t go as planned!

Oh well. After said working, I picked up little man from daycare. He was there all of 1 day this week…1 DAY. Oh well, at least he had a fun few days with the grandparents : ) We went home for a little bit, ate some dinner, and played a little while outside.



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Weekend 2 : 7/15-7/17


morning run with the Wamego gals 🙂


Bountiful Basket volunteer and pickup in Junction, City

Taking the long way home…windows down, music up, relaxing drive…

I stopped by the Farmer’s Market on my way back into town…I didn’t need anything, but I always like to see what there is week-to-week.


Fueling up for the day…

…more fuel! Have you tried Healthy Skoop? It is worth a try! Since I am trying to eat more Paleo, plant based protein (even though it has some wheat) is constantly on my radar!


Since I am home alone this weekend, I amped up the tunes and went on a cleaning and cooking spree…mostly a 1-woman dance party!!

Since I have 10 more limes from this weeks BB and our garden is going crazy with cucumbers, I decided to repurpose these bad boys in some juice!


Lunch time!

Bountiful Basket spread for this week!

Snack time! These little guys were from last week’s basket and they were READY to be eaten…

..And now that I have like 8 acorn squash in the house, I need to use them up…and pronto! I decided to roast them like sweet potatoes…and they turned out GREAT!

Dinner is served! Chicken was in the crock pot all day…fresh squash and green beans! Cucumbers are going to be an every meal occurrence for a while…the garden is going nuts!

I got my Influenster box this weekend…and I decided to dig in!

I would have totally dolled up for our bowling night, but I just didn’t have the energy!

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New running belt!

Check out that Konza Prairie!!

Post Konza run coffee date and chat 🙂

Tending to the garden before it gets too hot…

Snack attack!!

I wanted BLTs all week…and I got 2 meals of it today!!



Tweet: Check out our Weekend Happenings with @dblred0728 and the other #linkups http://ctt.ec/70E71+ #fitfluential #sweatpink

How was your weekend? Have any exciting adventures?

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I’d love to hear from you! Leave a comment and start a conversation!

2 thoughts on “double whammy | Weekend Happenings

  1. Another great week of produce and a little man free weekend. Wow, good for you. I like to slice up my cucumbers and add them to my water. So refreshing. Also, acorn squash will keep for weeks, even months in a cool, dry place like a basement although roasting it works great too.


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