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Phew! What a busy weekend!

I have been REALLY bad about keeping up with my Weekend Happenings posts…and I would like to TRY and start them again. Some weekends, I have little to show for pictures or exciting adventures…but this fall is going to be a busy one!



Friday started like most, up super early to get my yoga on! While I would always love to get my run in before hitting the mat, I didn’t this week.

A morning smoothie was just what I needed to start my day off right πŸ™‚

img_5049On my way to work, I remembered that this was the last workday before my birthday…so my desk might be a hot mess…

My coworkers don’t often disappoint! I always enjoy helping decorate the birthday girl/guy’s desk and it is always fun seeing your own desk decorated for the special occasion.

Over my lunch break, I walked to the store for a couple things…and enjoyed my Mamma Chia Raspberry Passion. Nothing says Friday like a short, beautiful day’s walk to the store πŸ™‚

The day went on, work-work-work, then picked up little man for the evening. We had plans to go to KC this evening, but I hadn’t packed up a single thing… So my early evening consisted of packing up the necessities, watching a little TV, making little man a little something to eat, and finally hitting the road. I should have taken a picture of the storm clouds that we were heading into…but I just headed back home instead!

Once back in KC, little man was off to bed…but was soon up again since Nana and Papa got home 20 minutes after we did. I knew that if I didn’t let him stay up a little, he was going to get up anyway. Everyone said their hellos, talked about the storms, and then their nite-nites πŸ™‚


Like every great weekend, it starts with a long run. Not just any long run this weekend, it is my BIRTHDAY LONG RUN! I planned the route and everything, which doesn’t happen often.

Since I went to bed WAY later than I ever want to the night before a long run…and it showed. I snoozed my alarms several times and didn’t head out until nearly 2 hours after I should have! Oh well…

img_5060One of the bonuses of knowing how far my parents house is from my in-laws is that I can build in a pit-stop πŸ™‚ So glad for it today! I didn’t want to be carrying multiple bananas for 20 miles…so I only had to carry one for 5 miles!

Another “fun” situation with my run is that we had flash flooding in the area the night before. More than half of my run was planned along the Indian Creek Linear Trail…trails are mostly along the creeks…the creeks that were FLOODED last night! I thought there might be some puddles…but nothing like FLOODED trails and crazy amounts of brush…

Oh well. Due to the late start and amount of slow-downs needed to get through my run, I caught a ride home around mile 16. I am not too upset – but I would have really liked to run 31KM on my 31st birthday πŸ™‚

img_5082Once home, I quickly showered, made up a protein drink, and hit the road to Abby’s bridal shower.

I knew from before I started my run that I was going to be at least a little late to the shower, so I text one of my friends that I was going to be late. “Okay, I’ll tell her you are running on Lindsey time”…yep, I am always late.

The shower was in a beautiful gated community and the had just started the bridal shower games when I came in. I grabbed a plate and grabbed some snacks that I knew wouldn’t give me a tummy ache the rest of the day.

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There were 3 games that we played :

1) find Andy – a game where everyone gets an envelope, all contents are a head of a fellow on a suited body…whomever gets the head that looks like Andy (the groom) wins!

2) bridal scenes in movies matchup – we all got a card with blanks and 26 movie titles, then envelopes with printed wedding scenes were passed around, we were timed and needed to match the wedding scene with the movie it came from πŸ™‚ I was one of 7 or so that got all of them right, but I didn’t win any of the tie-breakers

3) “What would Abby say?” – this one was great! Sarah, the maid of honor and Abby’s sister, asked Andy (the groom) a series of 21 questions, he answered them based on what he thought Abby would say. We had a card that we wrote down how many questions we thought that she would get right, closest to the actual number wins! For every question that she got wrong, she had to chew a piece of gum…not little gum either. Like Bubblicious type of size… By the end, she only got 12 questions correct (I thought 16) and was gagging on the huge wad of gum in her mouth!

img_5100After the games and gift opening, everyone milled around for a little while and then dispersed for the remainder of the afternoon. I had some yummy Hydrate in my car, waiting for me to do just that…hydrate. After my long run and evening plans, I needed my hydration to be on point today!

Once back at the in-laws, the little man had recently gone down for his nap.

They had plans to take him to Old Settlers in the early evening, before it got SUPER busy with teens and adults. A lot of young families are smart to go earlier in the day for the same reasons.

I chatted about my run and the party with my MIL while making a more substantial lunch – eggs, salad with black forest ham, cucumber, tomato, and italian dressing.

After a little while, little man woke up and was ready to party πŸ™‚ I knew that I needed to go get ready for my evening as well…so that’s what I did πŸ™‚ Soon, I was on my way to Abby’s bachelorette party!



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How was your weekend? Have any exciting adventures?

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