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birthday + podcasts +running | Thinking Out Loud Thursday

Wow,… Thursday…we meet again!…There is a little to talk about with Amanda and her Thinking Out Loud Thursday’s 🙂 Let’s recap my birthday weekend, a new podcast add, this week in running, coffee, and more!


birthday weekend

Of course! I had a crazy fun birthday weekend 🙂 I had a great long run (while not as long as I planned, still a great distance!), spent time with friends, made some new friends, and partied the night away celebrating Miss Abby’s upcoming nuptials 🙂 The only thing that would have made it just a little bit better would have been spending more time with the hubs…but we did talk for a bit and it was ALMOST like he was there 🙂 Check out my weekend recap for pictures and fun (hopefully posted later today!)!

BibRaveBibRave Podcast

I often listen to podcasts to get through my workday. Generally, I enjoy funny, lighthearted comedic episodes (mostly old and new episodes of Ronna & Beverly). 🙂

I noticed a few weeks ago on Twitter that BibRave started a podcast! I use to write reviews of races I run and I frequently join in the weekly #BibChats. I wasn’t sure what to expect, but I always enjoy their #BibChats each week…so I started listening!

I am really enjoying these episodes! The topics are easy to relate to, Tim and Julia have good mic-chemistry, and it is just easy to listen to 🙂

Last Friday’s episode had Dave McGillivray as a guest – Race Director of the Boston Marathon. One of the takeaways that will sit with me a for a while is this :

“I used to think going out the door and running was somewhat selfish, because I am leaving my family behind and I’m doing what I love to do. But now I realize that it is just the opposite. It’s unselfish, to take care of yourself.” – Dave McGillivray, Race Director of the Boston Marathon

changes coming

A couple weeks ago, the trusty old Varney’s Bookstore was closed in Aggieville. It was sad to see this cornerstone of life at KSU go away – and Rally House was quick to move in and get the party started.

Well, as I mentioned last week, my “little” private company was sold to a major public company. So, that is one BIG change that will eventually start taking effect…

Next, to add insult to injury, my gym is closing as of October 1st – because Academy Sportswear and Outdoors is taking over the stripmall.

I feel like there are so many BIG companies coming into Manhattan…and it just means that the city is hopefully going to see the revenue from these changes before too long.

I am really going to miss having my gym being a short 5 minute walk away…now I will have to drive 15-20 minutes across town – and that is IF the classes are moved over! I was really getting into a groove with Power Lunch… I hear that life’s curveballs come in 3s – so I hope I am done for a little while.

this week

Well, I am playing catch-up a little this week with my running. If FEELS like it has been raining EVERY morning…but really, it was only 2. I am glad that the cooler temps have been sticking around the past few days…that makes it WAY easier to get out mid-day.


I have got a few questions on how I make my bulletproof coffee lately… There are many ways to make bulletproof coffee – this is just the way that suits me best.

I put my Baby Bullet (yea,..that one that makes baby food and then collects dust until another little one comes along…) to good use – mostly because it is the perfect size for a single serving of coffee.

I add 1 tsp to 1/2 tbsp of both coconut oil and unsalted Kerigold butter (or ghee lately) to the bullet, start the Keurig on the “medium” sized cup, and then blend!

There is a difference in sound that the little blender makes once it is fully incorporated (or it is just my ears…). BOOM, fresh hot bulletproof coffee!

Konza running

Well, this weekend is the Konquer the Konza 10K/25K trail race. I wish that I were tackling my first 25K, but I will be home watching little man. I sure do love running at the Konza, even when I fall 🙂

Challenge Group

Yep! I love the motivation and support of the Team Brave challenge groups on Facebook and I look forward to the each month!

Each day feels like a “What I Ate Wednesday” post because I track what I am eating pretty closely…which I should be anyway… I love the support and motivation that these groups bring! I find new meal ideas, new workouts I want to try, and the points system keeps everyone engaged with the group!

Check out the linkup with Amanda to see what everyone is thinking (out loud) this Thursday!

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