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IPS Chips | Review

Disclosure: I was sent samples of IPS Chips for review. I was not further compensated for this review. All opinions are my own. 

As an active person, I try to eat well-rounded meals, protein at most of them. I eat 5-6 meal/snacks a day and I am not always good at making the best choices…

Protein not only satisfies my hunger pangs, but it helps repair my muscles from my workouts.

The only problem is that I don’t eat a lot of meat… I eat a ton of eggs and nuts (mostly almonds) and these two staples can only get me so far.

When I was approached by Ips Snack to try a protein chip (ips Chips), I was excited to try something new to add protein to my day!

img_5248The Mission

The mission statement of IPS Snacks is to “eliminate senseless snacking; to serve great tasting and satisfying snacks that delight you tastebuds and provide the nutrition your body craves.”

My Take

While I wouldn’t call my snacking “mindless”, I do eat a lot throughout the day. These IPS snacks are a great addition to any routine snack or as a stand alone throughout the day.

Ips snacks are gluten-free, made with non-GMO corn, whole grains, whey protein, and have 50% less fat than regular fried potato chips. Those are all MAJOR WINS in my book! Also, they are made in the good old USA!

The macros vary a little on the different flavors, but all are free of artificial flavors and preservatives.


I basically received a Multipack of the flavors that they offer; White Cheddar, Salt & Pepper, Cinnamon, and Barbeque.img_5319

I added the White Cheddar to a usual snack at work – apple + almond butter. The additional protein helped keep me satisfied until lunch (which doesn’t always happen with my usual snacks).

The next one that I tried was the Salt & Pepper flavor. I really enjoy the simplicity of the flavor! I would have loved to enjoy these with a burger – IPS in place of the fries 🙂 *mouth watering*

img_5442I tried the BBQ IPS last weekend. I had to sneak outside so I didn’t have to share them!

The flavor reminded me of the basic BBQ chip, but without all the extra fat, sodium and sticky fingers.

The Cinnamon flavor was by far my favorite, and i knew it would be…so I saved it for last!

The reminded me of the classic cinnamon sugar chips you can get at Taco Bell…and also remind me of Cinnamon Toast Cereal!!…but I’m sure these Ips are healthier 🙂

The Verdict

For 130 calories and 6 grams of protein, these chips are certainly a better option for a crunchy, “chip-like” snack! I am not one to crave chips or eat them if they are on the table…but these are going to be an exception to the rule. I think all of the flavors were really good and these chips are a great alternative to the standard, unhealthy chip.

I really like the light and airy texture of the ips! They are more like a puff (like old school cheese puffs…but without all the yuck) than a chip – and you get a lot for a single serving!

I have not seen these in stores in our area but their website has a store locator. I will be surely ordering these on Amazon 🙂 I will soon have a couple bags of these around the house when that chip craving arises!

Have you tried Ips Chips?
What are your “healthier” options to curb a craving?

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Disclosure: I was sent samples of IPS Chips for review. I was not further compensated for this review. All opinions are my own. This review does contain AF links. 

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